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Julie Andrews may believe that the hills are alive with the sound of music, but that is nothing on this melodic collection of inanimate objects and animals.

The makers of these viral clips claim that they have somehow managed to recreate key moments from classic pop songs. But do you agree with their findings?

1. A dog sings Britney Spears

Howling dogs sound eerily human at times, but it's fairly remarkable for a canine howl to so eerily mimic a refrain from a pop song, particularly the sharp strings of the Britney Spears hit Toxic. Matt Hardin, owner of Riley, the dog in question, took to YouTube to explain how this recent viral sensation came to be: "It was storming really bad, and we were sitting outside... I was sitting there on Snapchat and I hear him start to howl... and I get this thought in my head like 'oh maybe I should Snapchat this, because this is so adorable'.

"I ended up capturing the Britney Spears moment he was having. After the video was ended I rewatched it like 30 times and I thought 'this sounds oddly familiar', and I keep listening and I keep listening and I look at him and said 'Oh my god, you just sang Britney Spears' and he runs and jumps into my lap. And then I posted it on Twitter."

2. A London ticket barrier sings Blur

For most commuters, music is something they'll either bring with them and play on headphones, or experience uneasily in the approach to a busker belting out Wonderwall in a slightly over-earnest voice.

Ritch Ames had a different experience on his way to work in January 2015. As he passed through the ticket barrier, he discovered that a mischievous Britpop elf had moved in with some friends, and had set up a karaoke bar, blasting out the refrain from Blur's biggest worldwide hit, Song 2.

Either that or some bits of the machinery were squeaking in a musical way. We may never know for sure.

3. A tumble dryer sings Missy Elliott

There's a beautiful poetic symmetry to the fact that the song that appears to have taken over the final cycle of this dryer is Missy Elliott's time-conscious classic One Minute Man, with her squeaky synth refrain somehow emanating from its revolving drum. Twitter user Sam Reynolds noted the similarity earlier this year, and went to the trouble of mixing the sound in with Missy's immaculate original, exactly like a red sock in a white wash.

4. A shovel sings Nirvana

This is one of the best-known and most satisfying of the Things Making Noises Like Music clips that do the rounds from time to time. For starters it's short, just a second of a shovel hitting the deck in an appealingly musical way that sounds a lot like the opening guitar hit from Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit.

It's also visually appealing, in that the man wielding the spade is slipping on ice (jeopardy!) and then falls over (action!). It's a tiny mini movie with an excellent soundtrack, and all in just 30 seconds. Here we are now, entertain us.

5. A parrot sings Rihanna

Sure, Eminem's The Monster is a killer song, but was it really essential to have Rihanna singing on it? I mean surely with a bit of imagination they could have come up with another voice, coming from a less human source? Has anyone really fully explored the possibilities of parrot music before now? Well maybe they should.

YouTuber Edilson Barros posted a clip of his parrot singing Rihanna's section of the song, and laughing along to his laugh, then Reddit user Ursinarium completed the job by taking Rihanna out and editing the parrot in. There, now it's perfect.

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6. A (different) dog sings The Police

This is Walter Geoffrey, a French Bulldog with a lot to say for himself. He has his own Instagram feed, from which this clip was posted of Walter trying to butt into a conversation. His owner Amber Martin explained: "Walter loves to talk back. If he’s not pleased with a situation, he’ll let you hear it. For this specific situation I was talking to a friend outside my car and he wanted to be apart of the conversation or else he wasn’t going to let me talk. Apparently, nothing I was going to say would stop him from throwing a fit."

But while many listeners have claimed to hear a faint echo of opera in his impassioned wails, the closest musical equivalent is surely Roxanne by The Police, as helpfully edited together by ViralHog.

7. A shower sings the bagpipes

For Scottish ex-pats, this video contains two sounds guaranteed to raise a pang of homesickness. There's the stirring wail of bagpipes, of the sort you might hear wafting over a misty loch - possibly playing Amazing Grace, possibly The Skye Boat song, or a mixture of the two; and then there's the steady splash of constantly falling water.

Granted, the scale is off, the bagpipers in this shower head - belonging to YouTuber David Thibodeau - are either living in a helium-rich environment or very, very small, and the rain effect is slightly too pronounced, but otherwise it's all unmistakably bonnie. Shortbread, anyone?

8. A goat sings System of a Down

System of a Down's Chop Suey is a notorious tongue-twister. Serge Tankian's dense lyrics come flying out of his mouth at such a comically fast rate, it's practically inhuman. So maybe it's fitting that the internet's favourite cover version comes not from a tribute band, but from a goat.

Not that this fellow has an easy time of it. His attempt at the song (or, to be fair, just to express himself) leaves him gargling, out of breath and with his tongue flying out of his mouth like it's trying to escape his teeth.

9. A ping pong ball sings Super Mario Brothers

The year is 2009, roomates Kal Fadem and Warren Strickle are playing table tennis on a homemade table constructed from a door and a sliver of hardboard for the net. For reasons that are entirely their own business they have decided to film themselves while they play, and through a fish-eye lens, to get all the action in.

Suddenly, as the ball pops across the table, a familiar musical motif emerges. Fans of old school Super Mario Brothers will recognise it as the opening fanfare from the game's theme music. And then a giant mushroom emerges from a nearby pipe and they all get showered in gold coins.

10. A tap sings House of Pain

You'd think a squeal from a tap would be fairly similar to any other, but this particular singing faucet has the exact tone and embouchure of the iconic saxophone howl at the start of Jump Around by House of Pain. YouTuber Josh Ballico made a real production of his bathroom find, including the sampled fanfare from Harlem Shuffle that begins the song, and ending on a flushed toilet, because, y'know... plumbing.

Oh and because no good clip goes un-pun-ished, he naturally renamed it Tap Around, by House of Drain.

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