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They say "If you can't say anything nice, say nothing at all", but that's not always been the maxim of choice for musicians. Think Madonna vs Elton, think Oasis vs Blur, think Deadmau5 vs... half the electronic music scene.

But while the combatants in the feuds above were largely played out in the press or on social media, some of the most withering put-downs from musicians have come in their actual songs. Some of Jay Z and Nas's finest tracks, for example, were part of the back-and-forth battle their feud inspired, while in 2015, the rivalry between Drake and Meek Mill was escalated by the pair continually calling each out in song.

From John Lennon and Gwen Stefani to David Bowie and Skepta, music history is full of diss tracks, but can you tell who got them so angry in the first place?

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