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On the hottest June day in 41 years, Glastonbury opened its gates. Take a look at how just a few of the 200,000 expected music lovers got on ferrying tents, supplies and party outfits across the legendary fields of Worthy Farm.

And so it begins. Scorching heat accompanies the annual pilgrimage to discover that perfect spot to set up camp.

By 2pm the heatwave had cranked things all the way up to 30C, a Glastonbury Festival record.

The festival site is situated in the magical Vale of Avalon, an area covering around 900 acres. Put in the context of football pitches, that's a lot of football pitches.

So which mystical power can help you handle a heatwave?

Yup, it's water, lots of water.

Glorious, reinvigorating and wonderful water!

H2O for the mind, body and soul.

An oasis of shade quickly welcomed new settlers.

The kids are all about ice cream... are the grown ups

As evening comes to Worthy Farm the heat quietly slips away and with hours of queuing, walking and sweating done, it's time to let Glastonbury's magic wash over you.

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