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One Direction's massive day out at the BBC Music Awards 2015

Here's how 1D gave the Awards the best possible start...

First of all they had to, you know, turn up

This is the second year of the BBC Music Awards and the second year One Direction have made it. Good to know that Harry was happy with the buffet.

Naturally, the band's arrival on the red carpet caused quite a commotion

Selfie time!

And, yup, those are lobsters on Liam's shirt.

Poor Harry looked a little cold

Is that why he's been growing his hair!?

Sales of these trousers are about to go through the roof...

Or perhaps you could raid your dad's wardrobe if you're a bit hard up currently.

Time for a quick backstage portrait

Awwwww, bet you're going to miss these guys together.

Award shows are always great for making new pals

How about a collaboration too!?

This picture of the band with Jo Whiley has got you all talking

Liam having his mind read melted all your hearts

"This is just getting strange now, innit!?"

But not as much as the group's fantastic performance of Drag Me Down

And that is how you open an awards show!

More fashion news - Liam's hat!

Very James Bay-like, we think you'll agree.

Here's a pic the band tweeted

Looks like they're... on fire!?

Phew - they survived that, and found time to have a chat with Greg and Alice

All's well that ends well, eh?

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