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Whether they're taking a break or breaking up, here's a look back at One Direction's BBC best bits... so far

1. When they had their first ever No.1

Let's start right back at the beginning, when One Direction score their first No.1, Heroes, as part of a supergroup featuring all of the 2010 X Factor finalists. Even before the show has finished, there's a palpable sense that 1D might explode even if they don't win (they ended up coming third). "How are you lot finding it?" asks Reggie Yates. "Because it's all kicking off." Harry misunderstands what Reggie means, clearly unaware of what's just around the corner...

2. When hundreds of fans forced The Official Chart show to move to a secret location

1D's first official single, What Makes You Beautiful, comes out and already it's carnage. The boys are invited onto The Official Chart show with Reggie, and hundreds of screaming Directioners turn up outside Radio 1. At the last minute, the show has to be moved to a different, secret studio - where 1D find out they've gone to No.1. Cue an eruption of joy.

3. When Radio 1 followed them around on their first American tour

Being in One Direction didn't suddenly get exhausting. Here, on their first ever US tour, with Scott Mills and Radio 1 in tow, they seem a bit like rabbits in the headlights. More people are turning up at radio stations where they're making appearances than turned up for Justin Bieber when he was the new kid on the block, and Harry admits he's shattered. "We're all getting a little bit tired," he says. "So we're getting B12 vitamin things. I'm getting an injection in my bum - a bit more energy, up the immune system, we'll be all good."

4. When Niall star called Directioner Lucy in the middle of a test

What a wonderful moment: Star Caller on Greg James's show, Niall, calls Directioner Lucy and finds that she's in the middle of a test at school. Live on air, an overwhelmed Lucy slips away to the toilet to talk to Niall. "Oh my god, I'm shaking," says Lucy. "This is the best thing ever."

5. When they scooped the No.1 single and album in the same week

Huge moment for the band: their second album, Take Me Home, and the second single to be taken from the album, Little Things, go to No.1 on the same day. And it's not just on any old day - it's the 60th anniversary of the charts. Reggie has them back on the Official Chart show, but this time Radio 1 has kept news of their appearance a secret.

6. When they opened the Big Weekend in Glasgow

Here's how you get a party started - you invite the world's biggest boyband to open Radio 1's Big Weekend in Glasgow 2014. And it wasn't exactly like anyone slept in and decided to miss them - look at the size of the crowd in the above highlights clip: enormous.

7. When Scott had to interview them in another secret location

It's autumn 2014 and Scott has to meet the band in a dark, undisclosed room to talk about Four, their fourth album. The band are as buoyant as ever, except Zayn, who says very little and seems distant. Is he already imagining a life after One Direction? Six months later, he announces he's leaving, followed in August by the rest of the group saying they'll take a break after their fifth album is released in March 2016.

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