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Could you choose your favourite song in the world?

Our favourite songs can often trigger fond memories of our childhood, our greatest loves, nights out with friends or moments of sadness. Sometimes it's the lyrics that touch us because we can relate to them, sometimes it's something as simple as a bassline or a tempo that causes a reaction in our bodies. Whatever the reason, when we find our favourite song, it's with us for life.

Ahead of the BBC Music Awards we put the difficult question to the test and asked some of our favourite celebrities, from all walks of life to tell us a little bit about their relationship with that song and why they love it so much.

Billy Bragg

"May favourite song is the greatest 3 chord trick of all time..."

Jonjo Shelvey

"I listen to it before matches and it helps me prepare for the game..."

Anne Reid

"It's a song that I've sung many times over the years and it's appropriate at the moment because I feel very lucky to be me."

Natalie Cassidy

"I was in a club with the love of my life and we danced to this and I knew I was going to be with him forever."

Danielle de Niese

"It's my mantra. The refrain sings with me when I'm on stage.."

The Hairy Bikers

"Twas a dark and stormy night in Memphis when this song came to us and it stayed with us ever since..."

Melanie C

"Some of my first memories of music were rifling through my mum's record collection...I can still remember the smell of the vinyl!"

Shona McGarty

"I remember being fifteen... making up dance routines with my friends. This was song was one of the best routines we had..."

D Double E

It made me start writing down his lyrics and wanting to know exactly what he said so I could sing with the track...

Billie JD Porter

"Whenever they play this song I get a huge lump in my throat and the most indescribable nostalgia..."

Carl Barât

"I was given this song on a tape by my science teacher, which was probably the most important thing I learnt in school really..."

Wretch 32

"I fell in love with it instantly because my mum loved it"

Neneh Cherry

"I was living with Ari Up from The Slits​ who introduced me to soundsystem culture and this was one of the tunes we used to rock in our house..."

Nick Jonas

"My personal connection to this song is that my Dad showed me his music and made me a huge fan of the artist"

Ricky Wilson

"My favourite track can change because of the last person I smiled for..."

Jessie Ware

"Her voice is so desperate and beautiful and heartfelt..."

Boy George

"I remember hearing this song and just being completely transfixed..."

Reggie Yates

"It taught me a hell of a lot - about my relationship with my Mum and also the sort of man I could be..."

Lucy Bronze

"This track really brings out the energy and the buzz before a game..."

James Bay

"My memory of this track is one of my earliest memories of music..."

John Newman

"I needed music to fill me full of positivity - as a musician I obviously know that music can be a therapy.."

Craig David

"This song reminds me of growing up in Southampton and my Mum picking me up at 2.30 in the morning when I was DJ-ing with huge crates of records because she loved me that much.."

Charlotte Crosby

"Songs like this can instantly change your mood, you can be feeling so sad and it'll come on and you'll be like, right, that's it, I'm getting up and I'm going out!"

Carol McGiffin

"This song is one I like to dance to - which probably isn't a good thing!"

Annie Mac

"It reminds me of home, it reminds me of Ireland, my family and my mother's cooking"

Andrew Marr

"I like very clever lyrics - this song references John Rochester, it references Nabokov and it's very, very funny"

Kurupt FM

"We haven't really liked music since 2001..."

Trevor Nelson

"Everytime I listen to this song it makes me smile"

Nick Grimshaw

"I can still cry if I'm in the right frame of mind when I listen to this song"

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