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There's always a wealth of music and music-related films available, and many of them aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Here's a selection of some of our current favourites...

1. Music for Misfits: The Story of Indie

The story of British indie told over three musically diverse episodes, beginning in the 70s when the music industry was controlled by the majors. Episode two explores the indies transforming from cottage industries into real businesses, while the final part discusses indie going mainstream in the 90s with Blur and Oasis.

Available: until 2 November (episode 1), 8 November (episode 2), 15 November (epsiode 3)

2. Joy Division

Featuring the participation of all the surviving band members, this documentary examines Joy Divison's history through never-before-seen live footage, personal photos, period films and newly discovered audiotapes. It's the untold story of how four men transcended economic and cultural barriers to produce an enduring musical legacy.

Available: until 3 November

3. Arena: The Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour Revisited

In the wake of Sgt. Pepper, The Beatles made a film - a dreamlike story of a coach daytrip. It was seen by a third of the nation on Boxing Day, 1967 - an expectant public, hoping for some light entertainment for a family audience. But, as this documentary shows, Magical Mystery Tour was greeted with outrage and derision by middle England.

Available: for over a year

4. Tales from the Tour Bus: Rock 'n' Roll on the Road

Rock legend and tour bus aficionado Rick Wakeman takes us on a time-travelling trip through the decades in this first-hand account of rockers on the road from the late 1950s to the 80s and beyond, providing an often bumpy and sometimes sleepless ride down the roads and motorways of the UK during the golden age of rock 'n' roll touring.

Available: until 10 November

5. BBC Music Introducing Goes Stateside

A look at how BBC Introducing champions new music at local level in the UK and also promotes it on the international stage. We hit the road in Atlanta with Catfish and the Bottlemen, check in on Ruen Brothers recording with Rick Rubin in Los Angeles and catch up with many others at South by Southwest in Texas.

Available: until 11 November

6. Rhymes, Rock & Revolution: The Story of Performance Poetry

Is poetry the new rock 'n' roll - or is rock 'n' roll the new poetry? This documentary explores how the edges between performance poetry and popular music have become blurred after Allen Ginsberg stormed the stage of the Royal Albert Hall 50 years ago. Follow the revolution through punk verse up to today's slam poetry scenes.

Available: until 11 November

7. Music Masters: John Adams

First aired in 2001 and available as part of the BBC Four Collection Modern Classical Music, Music Masters: John Adams is an in-depth look at the minimalist when his opera El Nino was preparing to open in Paris. The film is presented by Charles Hazlewood and provides great insight into the mind of the celebrated composer.

Available: for over a year

8. Nile Rodgers: The Hitmaker

"My name is Nile Rodgers, I bet you don't know my name but I bet you know at least one of my songs." So begins this updated 2013 film that recounts the captivating story of a man who, beginning with Chic, has been making hit music for four decades, and finds himself back in the limelight with fresh smashes like Daft Punk's Get Lucky.

Available: until October 27

9. Biggest Band Break Ups and Make Ups

Mark Radcliffe looks at the highs and lows of band life - the creative tension that produces great music and the pressures that come with fame, and pull most bands apart. Featuring the dramatic tales of groups like Fleetwood Mac, Radcliffe lifts the lid on the reasons why bands break up and the secrets of those that stay together.

Available: until 2 November

10. The Devil's Music

The Devil's Music is just one of many great offerings in the BBC Four iPlayer collection Blues. First broadcast in 1979, it finds Alexis Korner delving into the soulful world of traditional American blues music, exploring its origins and reviewing unique footage of acclaimed artists including Sonny Blake, Sam Chatmon, and Houston Stackhouse.

Available: for over a year

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