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6 ways Adele is the perfect imperfect pop star

As her third album 25 is now officially on the way, and the first single Hello has been released (with the help of Nick Grimshaw), here's a brief reminder of exactly how Adele broke all the rules of pop (apart from the one about breaking all the rules) and came out on top.

1. She's down to earth, with her head in the stars

Music writers often complain that pop music is becoming more middle class, and that endless awards ceremonies are rewarding mediocre talents and inflaming their egos, and that there is a lack of real personality in pop. One look at this interview should pop all three of those bubbles in one go. The biggest British pop star in the world and she's prodigiously talented, not bothered by awards and yes (as she explained to The Sun), she's "common as muck".

2. She's a brilliant talker

This Tracks of My Years interview with Radio 2's Ken Bruce takes place at about four times the speed of normal conversation, and at no point does she appear to take a breath, much less say "ah" or "er" or even cough. Play this interview just after a similar chat with one of the more reticent singers in pop and it'll feel as thrilling as sticking your head in the exhaust from a jet engine.

3. She was different from the start

Much has been made of the cookie-cutter effect performing arts academies like the BRIT School have upon the ambitions of young performers, but as this Later... clip proves, Adele came straight out of that environment sure of her own difference, writing confident, frank songs that didn't seem to much care what was going on in the charts and absolutely not trying to please anyone.

4. She's not cool

In this 2011 interview with Fearne Cotton, Adele describes a hyperventilating encounter with Beyoncé, and then the same thing happening with Barbara Windsor. This is not the action of someone who is worried about appearing cool. Nor is the following comment about that first tweet she swears she would never send. Oh, and the Live Lounge Special is pretty great too.

5. She's wiser than her years.

There are countless examples of Adele's young mouth speaking her old heart for her, whether in the middle of accepting an award or describing some of the unhappy experiences that go into her songs. This tweet seems to be a mission statement for the new album, and it's also a remarkably honest account of her attitude to life so far and how it is changing with time.

6. She doesn't look like a pop star stereotype

I represent the majority of women and I'm very proud of that."

From these humble beginnings outside of a pub in Notting Hill (as winner of the BBC Sound of 2008) to the 2013 Academy Awards, Adele hasn't had the stereotypical sleek look people sometimes associate with superstars. That's not to say she's not glamorous, far from it, just that there are many ways to rule the world.

Or as she explained to People magazine:

"I've never wanted to look like models on the cover of magazines. I represent the majority of women and I'm very proud of that."

I represent the majority of women and I'm very proud of that."

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