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Earlier this month, a Foo Fighters fan got to live out his wildest rock-god fantasies. Frontman Dave Grohl picked Yayo Sanchez out of the crowd [warning: contains adult language] during a gig in Austin, Texas, after he saw him holding a sign with the words 'Monkey Wrench' written on it. Grohl gave his guitar to Sanchez (who he referred to as "KISS guy", due to his striking face paint), and told him to let rip - and then watched in disbelief as he absolutely nailed it. He was so impressive that Grohl forgot the words to his own song.

It was a remarkable spectacle, but it's also not the first time a band have been upstaged by a fan. From dancers and drummers to marriage proposals and pushy parents, here are some of the most memorable...

Wheelchair user Rob crowdsurfs onto Coldplay's stage

Nailing the guitar solo from a classic song in front of a huge crowd is pretty incredible, but how about improvising onstage with one of your favourite artists? When Coldplay fan Rob was crowdsurfed towards the band in his wheelchair in Dublin last year, he had no idea he'd make it all the way onto the stage.

"A lad accidentally fell on me and was extremely apologetic," he later told the BBC. "He and his friends insisted on lifting me and getting me a better view."

He was spotted by Chris Martin, who asked him to join him, hugged him and then handed him a harmonica so they could jam together. Martin's lyrics are unlikely to be repurposed for any future songs ("Here were are in Dublin, what an awesome crowd / I've been around the whole wide world, never seen anybody so loud"), but that didn't make the moment any less special for Rob, who declared: "Eighty-three thousand people cheering, and I was in the middle."

Teen grows up with Bruce Springsteen

Some people are lucky enough to share a stage with their idol twice. Bruce Springsteen asked Nathan Testa to perform with him in Brisbane [warning: contains adult language] after he spotted the teenager's cheeky sign: "Missed school. In the s*** now. Can I play Growin' Up with you?" He even stopped the gig to give him some advice: "When I was your age I got my first guitar. I brought it home and realised it wasn't about how well you played it, it's how good you look doing it. So, I got in front of the mirror and I tried out some different poses. Let me give you a couple..."

After they'd finished, he declared: "I have seen the future of rock 'n' roll, and his name is Nathan Testa!" But Springsteen had actually seen him before: as NME reported, a then-11-year-old Testa had joined him onstage four years earlier, for a rendition of Waitin' On a Sunny Day.

A killer drummer for The Killers

The Killers are a band who love inviting fans to perform with them. As the Daily Edge reported, when they played in Dublin last November, they let someone accompany them on keyboards after they saw his homemade poster. Above, a Mexican fan called Jose Luis got to play drums on For Reasons Unknown with the group. He slayed, but only after another fan had been thrown off Ronnie Vannucci's kit after it became clear he'd blagged his way up.

A fan playing drums on For Reasons Unknown has become something of a tradition at recent Killers' show. According to Newshub, in Auckland in April amateur drummer Amy Claire was so overwhelmed when she was invited up, she "nearly passed out on the way up to the stage", although Vannucci had some sage advice to settle her nerves: "It's okay, I cry and play drums all the time. I'm doing it right now."

Guitarist plays in public for first time - with Wolf Alice

Teenager Freya MacDonald wasn't going to bother replying to a tweet from Wolf Alice's singer, Ellie Roswell, asking for women who fancied playing guitar on their song Moaning Lisa Smile at the Glasgow Barrowland Ballroom to get in touch. "I was thinking there's no way it's actually gonna happen," she told Newsbeat. "But then my dad said I should just go for it… within an hour, Ellie got back asking if I was available to come for a soundcheck."

Freya, who got the gig after submitting a video of her playing guitar in her room, said they only had one rehearsal. And if that wasn't daunting enough, she'd never played in public before, but the band told her there was no need to panic. She added: "I was really nervous but thankfully the drummer Joel [Amey] was like, 'Don’t worry, in Wolf Alice there are no wrong notes so you'll be fine.'"

A marriage proposal during Adele's set in Belfast

Adele's always happy to share her spotlight: one of the best moments from her 2016 Glastonbury headline set was her bringing a 10-year-old girl onstage for a selfie. But she'd arguably gone one better just a few months earlier, during a concert at the SSE Arena in Belfast. The show fell on 29 February, aka Leap Day, which carries a tradition of women proposing to their partners. Adele asked the women present if they wanted her help in proposing, and one volunteer told her she'd already proposed to her boyfriend, Neil - but he'd not given her a proper answer. Cue Adele taking it upon herself to play matchmaker [warning: contains adult language]. "You have to say a proper yes, bruv!" she told him, before calling upon the audience to help: "After three, everyone say, 'Come on Neil!'"

Michael Bublé is stunned by a 15-year-old singer

Sam Hollyman's mum, Paula, bought him tickets to see Canadian crooner Michael Bublé for his 15th birthday, but he had no idea what else she had planned. She rushed towards the stage at the Birmingham National Indoor Arena and told Bublé he should duet with Sam.

"Are you telling me or are you asking me?" joked a hesitant Bublé, who eventually caved and told Sam to join him for a rendition of Nina Simone's Feeling Good. To his amazement, Sam's opening notes were perfect [warning: contains adult language]. "Oh, Sam can sing!" he yelled excitedly, before lifting him off his feet in celebration. As BBC News reported, Sam got to chat to Bublé backstage, too, and later resurfaced as a contestant on The Voice.

Two Beyoncé fans nail the Single Ladies' moves

Anyone who watched Beyoncé’s incredible set at Coachella earlier this month will have noticed just how hard her backing dancers have to work. All the more reason, then, to salute the two fans who made headlines back in April 2016, on the very first night of the singer’s Formation world tour. Performing in front of thousands in Marlins Park, Miami, Beyoncé chose two audience members at random to join her on stage and dance to her beloved single Single Ladies. If they were nervous, they didn’t show it: each knew the famous moves off by heart, and barely put a foot wrong.

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