Meet the youngest contestant in the show, who describes herself as a 'real lady' and is known to her friends as a 'little princess'. Yes, disabled people can be posh too! But is she too posh for the world of modelling?






Disability:HNPP & ME

The story

Jessica shares a 300-year old haunted house (alright, it's really a converted hotel) in the middle of a wood in Bristol with her mum, dad, younger brother and a Bichon Frisé named Walter.

Two years ago, Jess lost all sensation and movement in her arms and discovered that she has a hereditary disorder which makes you extremely susceptible to injuries. As a consequence, Jess splints on her wrists, but treats them as a fashion accessory.

While Jess's disabilities don't mean that she needs to use a wheelchair all the time (although she was once a full-time wheelchair user for five months), she likes having one because it means you have a guaranteed seat anywhere you go.

Jess goes to college locally to study towards an BTEC National Diploma in Art and Design, which involves fashion. But her true lifelong dreams are to be a princess or a Blue Peter presenter.

The skills

Jess's arty flair, like her disability, is also hereditary: her mother is an artist and print-maker and her father is an animator and director.

One of Jess's favourite pastimes is raiding the charity shops for vintage couture to wear when she's invited to 'do lunch'.

The attitude

Unique - Jessica describes herself as 'weird looking' and 'not a standard pretty girl': characteristics that make her stand out as a model.

Spiritual - Jess doesn't drink because she feels her body is special and a gift from God.

Smart - Jess enjoys intellectual conversations and has a great, dry wit. After college she plans to further her education at university, provided it hosts wonderful balls.

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