Sherlock fans can play detective with new Sherlock Cluedo

Date: 25.09.2012     Last updated: 18.03.2014 at 18.03
Category: BBC Worldwide
TV's most celebrated detective duo – Sherlock Holmes and John Watson – now have their own version of the classic board game Cluedo. Criminal mastermind Jim Moriarty has been found murdered in London and it’s up to fans to discover his murderer. This ‘Napoleon of Crime’ had no shortage of enemies, so there are plenty of people with a strong motive. But – who did it? Was it Mrs Hudson, in the Tower of London with the wrench or even Sherlock himself with the candlestick in the swimming pool?

The hit BBC series, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, is an ideal match for this new spin on a classic game and all the characters and locations from Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss’s show feature, from Irene Adler to Inspector Lestrade.

Winning Moves, manufacturers of this unique edition, under licence from Hasbro and BBC Worldwide, says the game will be on shop shelves by November this year – plenty of time to make the Christmas wish-list for Cluedo and Sherlock fans alike. It will retail for £29.99 and will be widely available on the high street and online.

The spirit and shape of this customised edition will remain the same as with traditional Cluedo board game, however, the suspects and the locations have been customised to fit with the hugely popular BBC TV show, Sherlock.

About Cluedo

Cluedo is a popular murder/mystery-themed deduction board game which was originally published by Waddingtons in England in 1949. It is now owned and manufactured by Hasbro Games.

About Winning Moves

Winning Moves owns a number of the world’s best-known card game brands - Top Trumps, Waddington’s Number 1 and Pit - and are the exclusive licensee in Europe, Middle East and Africa for limited editions of Hasbro games, including Monopoly, Cluedo and Twister.

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