James May fronts BBC Worldwide’s latest original YouTube channel - Head Squeeze

Head Squeeze gives us the opportunity to tap in to what is trending in the world of science and technology and satisfy fans’ curiosity for smart content they can talk about and share"Simon Danker, BBC Worldwide Commercial Director, Content and Production
Date: 31.01.2013     Last updated: 18.03.2014 at 18.12
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• Head Squeeze will be produced in partnership with 360 Production
• Channel to be a mix of science, technology, history and current affairs
• Second specialist YouTube channel following Earth Unplugged

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BBC Worldwide today unveiled its second original content channel for YouTube with partners 360 Production.  Head Squeeze is a topical science channel, fronted by Top Gear presenter James May.  Alongside his crack team of scientists and comedians, James will offer viewers a mix of leftfield insights and bizarre facts on the latest news from the worlds of science, technology, history and current affairs.

Simon Danker, BBC Worldwide Commercial Director, Content and Production said: “Head Squeeze gives us the opportunity to tap in to what is trending in the world of science and technology and satisfy fans’ curiosity for smart content they can talk about and share.  It is a pleasure to be working alongside 360 Production who bring with them a wealth of expertise in creating high quality factual content for TV and digital."

John Farren, Creative Director, 360 Production added: “We are really excited to see what happens when you allow fans to share in shaping the content you are creating. We hope this is the first step towards the future of content creation.

Each week the team in partnership with 360 Production will produce a rich-mix of short form clips equating to half an hour of new and exclusive-to-YouTube content for seven bespoke strands including:

  • James May’s Q&A – James adds his own unique spin to an array of oddball questions such as ‘What is an itch?’ http://goo.gl/oGD2p  
  • Mindwarp – Using motion capture technology, our animated news reader, Stan Banterman, gives viewers his take on the weird, wonderful and unbelievable opinions and trends from the Twittersphere.
  • Live Experiments – This weekly treat will see our resident daredevil science fiends give the viewers a chance to create their own big science moments at home, from testing whether eggs are stronger than bricks, http://goo.gl/jdNW8 to creating a lava lamp out of random household objects http://goo.gl/zKXsh. 
  • The Knowledge Badger - Meet our resident cabbie and grumpy badger who is looking to take YouTube fans for a spin and share his view on the modern world by harking back to more historical moments in time.  For instance the origins of brewing beer http://goo.gl/mkedi.
  • Global Squeeze - Our team of comedians dissect the week’s top news stories to unveil the real news behind the news!  Such as Andrew Maxwell asking ‘Why do some Americans want guns?’ http://goo.gl/VCGvv.
  • Number Hub – Is a place for number lovers who can explore a host of mind boggling stats.  Brain teasers including what a holiday on Mars would really be like?’ http://goo.gl/hLzkj
  • Sci Guide – Our science experts will mash-up the latest news from the world of science and technology and offer fans some bizarre sideway tangents and trends such as a two-parter explaining both the technology by the Superbowl from insights into the current and future tech on the field to gadgets to host your own Superbowl party http://goo.gl/aM6bm  ,and then the facts behind the game including how the result can affect the stock market http://goo.gl/WRsfq  


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