BBC Worldwide announces latest format deal for Tuesday’s Child’s You’re Back In The Room with Slovenia’s ProPlus

I’m proud to be announcing another deal for the utterly unique You’re Back in The Room, and delighted that ProPlus viewers will be embracing the joyous and jaw dropping moments that this format has already brought to millions of viewersKate Phillips, Creative Director for Formats BBC Worldwide
Date: 23.02.2016     Last updated: 23.02.2016 at 14.32
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Raft of new formats including The Getaway Car unveiled at 40th annual BBC Worldwide Showcase event in Liverpool

BBC Worldwide has agreed a format licensing deal for a Slovenian version of You’re Back In The Room ahead of the annual BBC Worldwide Showcase event in Liverpool (22-24 February 2016).

In its 40th year, BBC Worldwide Showcase is the world’s largest international television market hosted by a single distributor and is attended by the world’s top TV buyers, award-winning producers and on-screen talent.

The agreement for You’re Back In The Room to Slovenian free-to-air broadcaster ProPlus will see Bastard 9 produce 10 x 60’ episodes for the broadcaster. It will be known locally as Hipnoza: Dobra Zabava and will air this spring.

The deal with ProPlus takes total sales of the format to six. The formathas already been licensed to France (BBC Worldwide France for W9), The Netherlands (RTL) Australia (Freemantle Media for Channel 9), Columbia (RCN) and the US (Fox) in addition to options in Belgium, Chile, Denmark, Italy, Norway, Peru, Portugal & Spain.

Produced by Tuesday’s Child, You’re Back In The Room is a comedy game show with a unique twist. A team of five strangers take on a series of apparently simple challenges, but all is not as it seems, as each of the contestants has been hypnotised. Seemingly straightforward tasks will get much harder as their hypnotic triggers cause them to unwittingly sabotage their chances of winning, with hilarious consequences. 

Kate Phillips, Creative Director for Formats BBC Worldwide said, “I’m proud to be announcing another deal for the utterly unique You’re Back in The Room, and delighted that ProPlus viewers will be embracing the joyous and jaw dropping moments that this format has already brought to millions of viewers.”

Branko Čakarmiš, Programming Director of Pro Plus added: “We are very excited to bring this unique format in Slovenia. This will be first TV hypnosis ever screened in Slovenia and this novelty is intriguing even before it's air date. Hypnotherapist Božidar Grilc is well known for its professionalism and Boštjan Romih is one of the most popular Slovenian hosts among our viewers. We believe that this fun and witty format is perfect for Slovenian viewers and they will have lots of fun watching it.’’

You’re Back In The Room is just one of the imaginative formats from BBC Worldwide available to international buyers. Dancing with the Stars, has been adapted successfully in more than 50 countries, with Fox Telecolombia becoming the most recent broadcaster on board. The Great Bake Offhas been sold to 21 countries spanning Australia to Brazil, and Hoynee Media’s Chinese version of Top Gear has taken the world's most populous country by storm, with the first five episodes of the second season accumulating a combined audience of 217 million across TV and online. 

New formats unveiled to buyers at BBC Worldwide Showcase include The Getaway Car which sees couples compete in a series of exciting driving challenges that test the limits of their relationships behind the wheel of a car, Ultimate Hell Week where some of the country’s fittest men and women are pushed to their limits by veterans from the world’s toughest special forces, and For What It’s Worth which combines quizzing with the best bit of any show about antiques, how much is it worth?






The Getaway Car, 60’

Driving each other mad

Set in an exclusive raceway, The Getaway Car seesfriends and family take part in the ultimate relationship road test.  Each episode sees five couples go head to head in an action-packed competition, as they take on a series of driving, obstacle and quiz challenges.  Their driving skills, general knowledge and above all their relationships will be put to the test over three rounds that will ultimately determine which couple will reach the adrenaline-charged final, The Getaway Chase.  In the epic finale they go helmet-to-helmet with a racing legend for a big money cash prize.  The UK show features The Stig, alongside supercars, hilariously customised family saloons, 4x4 race buggies and the Getaway Car itself, mixed with couples under pressure and in with the chance to win a huge prize jackpot, it is sure to be packed with thrills, laughs and a few screams along the way.

A BBC production


Ultimate Hell Week, 60’

The weak won’t last the week

Special Forces around the world have one thing in common – their selection courses are the toughest things you can put your body and mind through. In this action-packed series, 29 super fit men and women take on the challenge of their lives when they have to endure 12 days straight of physical and mental endurance, masterminded by some of the world’s toughest special forces operatives, to discover who can survive and ultimately win. Each episode puts the focus on the tactics of one force. With veterans from the US Navy Seals, the Philippines’ Navsog, the Russian Spetsnaz, Israel’s Yamam, Australian SAS as well as the UK’s SAS, the recruits face a series of challenges that reflect the selection processes used by these units. Pushed to their limits and beyond, who will be left standing in the ultimate commando assault course? Each new day brings a new living nightmare, with every challenge different from the last. These are physical and mental challenges designed to break the most hardened soldiers – are our competitors tough enough to get through them?

A BBC production


The Big Catch, 60’

They're angling for victory

Eight passionate enthusiasts compete in dramatic locations across the world in this exciting fishing contest on an epic scale.  These men and women push their skills to the limit in six epic locations, competing in tough physical and mental challenges where they have to combine their own talents with local fishing techniques as they try to outwit each environment that they find themselves in. The competitors are judged by a leading angler, as well as local experts in the places they visit. The series explores the incredible world of fishing, but will appeal to anglers and non-anglers alike. The Big Catch showcases surprising animals and stunning landscapes alongside the many twists and turns of a tense competition.

A BBC Production


Everybody’s Business

Who’s the boss?

In this ground-breaking recruitment experiment, the rulebook is torn up and bosses hand over the hiring power to their employees. In what’s known as Collaborative Hiring, all the company employees assess candidates suitability for a real job through a series of on-the-job tasks. Once the assessment is over they then vote for the person they want to get the job. There’s an added twist: the candidates don’t know it’s all the company’s employees doing the hiring. They think it’s the boss, but it's the workforce who is really watching.  The question is: can the company’s different departments come to a consensus on which candidate is right for the job?

 A BBC production


For What it’s Worth

Where it pays to know a lotFor What It's Worth is a compelling new quiz that features three pairs of contestants, comprised of a Quizzer who tries to correctly answer general knowledge questions so that their partner, the Picker, can select antique and collectable Lots in a bid to amass the most valuable collection.  In a game of strategy and shrewd judgement played over three rounds, the pairs with the lowest value collections are eliminated, leaving the winners to select just one Lot from all those they have collected. Before we tell them how much it’s worth, there is one final twist; we will tempt them with the Mystery Lot…which may or may not be worth more than the one from their own collection.  They’ll be given the value of the Lot they ultimately choose in cash – but can they separate the treasure from the trash? 

A Tuesday’s Child production for BBC.  Distributed by BBC Worldwide.


Into the Wild

Wildlife cameramen would normally spend weeks and months hiding out, waiting for a glimpse of big cats, bears or wolves. In a new twist on natural history programmes, a wildlife expert has just three days, accompanied by a different celebrity guest each episode, as they attempt to track down some of the country’s most elusive and iconic wildlife species. Whilst the celebrity learns everything from how to track an otter to how to find an owl’s nest or recognise wildcat territory, we learn as much about their own lives.  Forced out of their comfort zone, we get to know the famous faces intimately as they take on experiences that could see them canoe, camp, dig their own toilets and sit for hours in all-weather waiting for that all elusive encounter. Part wildlife series, part celebrity biography this is a new take on natural history filming.

A Hello Halo production for BBC






Doctor Foster

Survive the truth or live the lie

Doctor Gemma Foster is a woman in control. She’s a talented and respected family doctor at the heart of her village – a woman people can trust and a loving mother. But Doctor Foster’s life is about to explode. Suspecting her husband Simon of having an affair, she’s determined to get to the truth – but how far is she prepared to go and what other betrayals might she uncover? This complex, gripping and stylish psychological drama comes from the producers of the internationally acclaimed The Honourable Woman. It centres around an intelligent, empowered woman who suddenly discovers she has a huge battle on her hands, both personally and professionally. As Gemma’s investigation throws her life, and the lives of her patients and family, into chaos, she finds herself behaving in ways she could never have imagined. In trying to regain control, could she end up losing everything she loves?

A Drama Republic production for BBC


The Coroner

Crime investigations against a stunning seaside backdrop are at the heart of this entertaining new drama series following a high-flying solicitor who returns to live and work in the small town she escaped as a teenager. As coroner, Jane Kennedy’s job is to investigate sudden or unexplained deaths in this beautiful English coastal community. With a new and intriguing case to investigate in each episode, starting with the discovery of a body, Jane finds herself having to work with old flame Davey Higgins, who is now the local detective sergeant. The Coroner combines mystery and potential danger with the warm, lighthearted tone of Jane’s relationships with her colleagues, family and the local community. While Jane is talented and tenacious in seeking justice for the dead, her personal life is a bit more haphazard!

A BBC production



You can bury a body. You can't hide the truth.

This crime drama focuses on a cold case reopened after 39 years. When the body of a young man is discovered in a derelict building, DCI Cassie Stuart – one of the Met’s smartest detectives – is called in to investigate. There are four suspects: a clergyman, an eminent entrepreneur, a community worker and a wheelchair-bound husband caring for his wife. Each has a secret to hide. As their lies unravel, the people they love most begin to wonder what else they might be capable of. Nothing in this case is black and white. Can you ever really know the people closest to you? What secrets have they buried?

A Mainstreet Pictures production for ITV


The Interceptor

Between the criminal and the victim... there’s just one man

Marcus Ashton – Ash to his friends – is a law-enforcement officer who takes crime personally. He’s committed and uncompromising in fighting it on the same streets where he grew up. After 15 frustrating years of low-level drug busts, he finally gets a chance to fulfil his dream of taking down the underworld’s biggest players when he’s recruited by the UNIT (Undercover Narcotics Intelligence Team). Using state-of-the-art surveillance, this top-secret squad hunts down and brings to justice society’s most ruthless criminals. Bringing his best mate and work partner Tommy with him, Ash reports to Cartwright – a cool-headed boss whose strategic approach is the perfect foil to his all-action team. Joining them in the UNIT are the self-assured, tenacious Kim, measured problem-solver Martin, and Valerie, Cartwright’s no-nonsense second-in-command. Stylishly shot and fast-paced, this series follows the team as they get ever closer to capturing their ultimate target, the cold-blooded crime boss, Roach. For Ash, this is more than just a job – it’s a chance to make a real difference… but at what cost to him and the people he loves?

A BBC Drama production in association with BBC Worldwide


In the Club

When life isn't all you expect

Created and written by Kay Mellor, this warm, funny and dramatic series tells the stories of six pregnant women and their partners, all brought together by the life-changing experience of imminent parenthood. With Mellor's acclaimed trademark mix of drama and comedy, this ensemble series interweaves the relationships of these expectant parents with the twists and turns of their individual stories. Meeting at a weekly parentcraft class, these diverse characters range from a 40-something businesswoman going through a messy divorce after falling for a penniless young artist, to a housewife who finds out she's expecting miracle twins just as her husband takes drastic action to deal with mounting debts; from a scared 15 year old schoolgirl desperately trying to conceal her pregnancy, to a newlywed young woman worried that a stupid mistake could ruin her marriage and a teaching assistant fighting her growing feelings for the biological father of the child she’s expecting with her female partner. As the babies begin to arrive, only one thing’s for sure – nothing will ever be the same again!

A Rollem production for BBC


The Last Hours of Laura K

A 24 hour murder mystery

An immersive online murder mystery and ground-breaking digital experience placing the audience at the heart of the story. Using 24 hours of footage from the fictional surveillance programme SATURNEYE, 'The Last Hours of Laura K' is a disconcertingly intimate, unfiltered and impartial look into Laura’s last hours before her death.  The 24-hour video file is only half of the story. To find the killer, users have to immerse themselves in the characters’ digital lives via their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles, looking for clues and motives seeded by our writers over months to help them identify the killer.

A  BBC production


Puppy Love

It's a dog-eat-dog world

From the co-creators of the Bafta and RTS award-winning Getting On, Puppy Love follows two very different women - Nana V and Naomi Singh - as they contend with headstrong dogs, impossible teenage kids and disappointing husbands. From crazed cat-lovers and over-zealous policemen to frisky sailors and difficult bosses, they are both trying to stop everything from going to the dogs. Featuring a weird and wonderful set of characters, this kind-hearted comedy is set firmly in a dog-centric world, and explores all the oddities and foibles of people obsessed with their canine companions. Sharp and perceptive, Puppy Love is sure to set your tail wagging.

A Woof Productions/BBC co-production



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About Tuesday’s Child. Tuesday’s Child Television is a UK-based independent production company specialising in entertainment and popular factual. It was launched in September 2012 by Karen Smith who was former Shine TV joint MD (The Magicians, Gladiators, Got to Dance, The Biggest Loser, Strictly Come Dancing). As well as the hugely popular primetime series, You’re Back in the Room, Tuesday’s Child has also produced: For What It’s Worth for BBC One and Sean Conway Running Britain on Discovery; RTS-nominated Superstar Dogs, hosted by John Barrowman for Channel 4; and RV Rampage, hosted by Amanda Byram and Henry Cole for Travel Channel.