BBC Worldwide welcomes a fantastic line up of TV talent to its biggest and best Showcase ever

Date: 10.02.2014     Last updated: 18.03.2014 at 17.58
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… and announces international sales of sci-fi thriller Orphan Black from Temple Street Productions

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BBC Worldwide Showcase, the world’s largest international television market hosted by a single distributor, will be welcoming an amazing array of talent to Liverpool including Graham Norton, the cast from The Musketeers, Tom Hollander, Nick Frost, the professional dancers from India’s Dancing with the Stars and many more, including a few special guest surprises, when it opens its doors on 23rd February.

In its 38th year, this is the biggest BBC Worldwide Showcase ever with a record number of 725 delegates attending the four day event (23 – 26th February) at Liverpool’s BT Convention Centre. Evening events include a spectacular celebration of BBC Worldwide’s global brands such as Top Gear, BBC Earth, Doctor Who, Sherlock and Dancing with the Stars presented by Graham Norton, and a launch for the BBC’s new drama The Musketeers featuring all the lead cast.

The new-look daytime genre premieres will feature a wide range of award-winning writers, producers and on-screen talent including Hollywood writer and director, Robert B. Weide (Curb Your Enthusiasm, How to Lose Friends & Alienate People) talking about his new comedy Mr Sloane with actor Nick Frost, American popular science writer Steven Johnson, historian/presenter Dan Snow and actor/wildlife enthusiast Dominic Monaghan (Lost, Lord of the Rings) amongst many others. Special digital sessions will also take place including a panel discussion on TV versus Digital with Jason Ropell, Head of International Content Acquisition, Digital Video at Amazon and Theo Luke, Partner Developer EMEA at Twitter Amplify.

Paul Dempsey, President Global Markets, BBC Worldwide said: “We’ve had a phenomenal response to our 38th annual Showcase in Liverpool with many first time attendees including Google Play and DirecTV, making this flagship event for British TV exports the most global yet. We have a great slate of new titles across every genre and are delighted to be hosting some superb talent over the four days of the event.”

BBC Worldwide’s Showcase slate contains a raft of brand new programming. As well as The Musketeers another new BBC drama The Game (6x50) will be launched along with Series 2 of Temple Street Production’s Orphan Black. Starring Critics’ Choice Award winner and Golden Globe(R) nominee Tatiana Maslany, Series 1 has been sold to 16 broadcasters including the UK (BBC Three), France (Numero 23), Australia (SBS), Korea (KBS and AXN Korea) and Germany (ZDFNeo) which has acquired both Series 1 and 2. Co-creators of Orphan Black, Graeme Manson and John Fawcett, will be flying in from filming season 2 in Toronto to talk about the critically acclaimed thriller at the Drama Premiere.

Natural history titles launching this year include the much anticipated Life Story (6x50’), a fascinating series exploring the struggle every animal on the planet has to overcome to reach adulthood, with Mike Gunton, Rupert Barrington and Tom Hugh-Jones, the show’s production team speaking at the Natural History Premiere. Other natural history output on offer includes Dolphins – Spy in the Pod (2x50’) executive produced by John Downer (John Downer Productions), who will also present at the session.

As well as showcasing Mr Sloane from Emmy award-winning writer Robert B. Weide (Curb Your Enthusiasm) and starring Nick Frost (Hot Fuzz, The World’s End), the Comedy Premiere will also feature actor and Executive Producer Tom Hollander (Pirates of the Caribbean) and Executive Producer James Wood on stage to talk about Rev., series 3 (6x30’), a contemporary comedy about an inner city London vicar.

Dan Snow will present his new title Operation Grand Canyon with Dan Snow (2x50’) at the History Premiere while archaeologist/presenter Neil Oliver (Coast, 6x60’; Sacred Wonders of Britain, 3x50’; The Search for Alfred The Great, 1x50’) will be speaking with Natalie Humphreys (Controller, Factual & Daytime, Production, BBC Television) at the Documentary session.

Actor and wildlife enthusiast Dominic Monaghan (Wild Things With Dominic Monaghan, series 2 10x48’) will be present at the Factual Entertainment Premiere to talk about his new season which takes viewers on a thrilling adventure to the most remote corners of the globe in search of the most incredible, elusive and exotic animals on the planet.

Science genre titles on offer will feature Human Universe (5x50’), the story of humanity told through the greatest questions we’ve ever asked; How We Got To Now (6x50’), a fascinating series presented by Steven Johnson, who will speak at the Science Premiere, which charts the twists and turns of history, science, business and technology; and Factomania (10x50’), a fast-paced blend of facts, fun, banter, animation and experiments with the presenters, Greg Foot, Fran Scott and Dominic Byrne,  performing a stunt for the session audience.

Children’s Premiere session will feature a panel with Jonny Keeling, Executive Producer NHU of Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures (20x14’), the writer Alan Gilbey and producer Karl Woolley (Laughing Gravy Media) of Dinopaws (50x11’); Executive Producer of Horrible Histories, series 5 (13x30’ & 2 Specials) – Richard Bradley (Lion TV); as well as Executive Producer of Harriet’s Army (1x90’) – Foz Allan.

All of BBC Worldwide’s new TV content will be available for buyers to view throughout the four days in the 600 digibooths at Showcase. As the largest distributor of TV programming outside of the US, BBC Worldwide Showcase sees the BBC’s commercial arm generate programme sales on behalf of the BBC and independent producers providing a major boost to British television exports.




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  • BBC Worldwide sells programmes on behalf of the BBC and independent producers
  • BBC Worldwide has around 50,000 hours of programming in its catalogue
  • With 600 digi booths available at Showcase, the average buyer screens BBC Worldwide content for 6-8 hours a day over four days
  • There will be 9 premier screenings at BBC Worldwide Showcase covering drama, natural history, music, children’s, comedy, science, history, documentaries and lifestyle





The Musketeers is a 10x50’ witty, action-packed drama series with universal appeal combining breathtaking adventure and stunning production values from BBC Drama Production, co-produced by BBC Worldwide and BBC America.

Orphan Black, series 2 is a 10x60’ critically acclaimed, original series from Temple Street Productions in association BBC AMERICA and Space starring Golden Globe (R) nominee and Critics’ Choice Award winner, Tatiana Maslany.

The Game (6x50’) is a stylish, edgy spy thriller set in the Cold War, where enemies and allies can’t always be separated, and espionage means getting your hands dirty. A BBC Production.



Life Story (6x50’). From the moment they are born, every animal on the planet begins the same great and perilous journey – life. Like us, animals have to overcome both the struggle to reach adulthood and the unpredictable challenges thrown at them by their environment, their enemies and even their own families. Told from the perspective of individual animals, this captivating series follows the journey from birth to parenthood. Life Story brings their experience to the screens in minute detail, showcasing their strength and fascinating ingenuity and bringing the drama and tension of the natural world to life. Executive producer: Michael Gunton. A BBC/Discovery Channel/France Télévisions Co-Production.

Dolphins – Spy in the Pod (2x50’). Dolphins are one of the most social and playful animals on the planet. They develop strong family and group relationships and often work with other species to find a meal, while having plenty of fun along the way! Focusing on a wild bottlenose dolphin pod off the coast of Mozambique, this series explores the unexpected and often never-seen-before aspects of dolphin behaviour. A John Downer Production for BBC and Discovery Channel.



Mr Sloane (7x22’). Starring Nick Frost and created by Emmy award winning writer Robert B. Weide, Mr Sloane is a bittersweet comedy-drama about a buttoned-down man in crisis. A Big Talk /Whyaduck Productions Production for Sky, distributed by BBC Worldwide.

Rev., series 3 (6x30’). The contemporary comedy about an inner city London vicar returns for a third series that asks big questions of the Reverend Adam Smallbone as he and his wife Alex adjust to life as new parents. A Big Talk Production for BBC.



Human Universe (5x50’). This is the story of humanity, told through the greatest questions we’ve ever asked. Where are we in the Universe? What is the destiny of us and our planet? How did the human brain arise and why did we become consciousness? Will our search for alien life be successful, or are we alone? A BBC/Science Channel Co-production.

How We Got To Now (6x50’). Discover the little known innovators and their wild ideas, whose breakthroughs really made the modern world possible, in this fascinating and entertaining series which charts the twists and turns of history, science, business and technology that have brought us to where we are today. A Nutopia Production for PBS and BBC.

Factomania (10x50’). A fast-paced blend of facts, fun, banter, animation, experiments – and competition. On Factomania the world’s most incredible facts compete as Explosive Experiments, Amazing Animated Tales, and Strange Stunts. A 360 Production for BBC Worldwide Global Channels.




Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan, series 2 (10x48’). Actor and wildlife enthusiast Dominic Monaghan takes viewers on a thrilling adventure to the most remote corners of the globe in search of the most incredible, elusive and exotic animals on the planet. A Cream Productions and Wildfire Television Production for BBC AMERICA & BBC Worldwide Global Channels.




Operation Grand Canyon with Dan Snow (2x50’). This is history brought to life as a team of modern adventurers take on the massive challenge of reliving the first ever exploration of the mighty Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. A BBC /Discovery Co-Production.

Sacred Wonders of Britain (3x50’). An extraordinary journey through time, and around the British Isles, to show how the pre-Christian population lived their lives and saw their world. A BBC Production.

The Search for Alfred The Great (1x50’). A remarkable film uncovering the story of one of England’s greatest kings through the investigation of his 1000-year-old remains and piecing together, in more detail than ever before, the story of the extraordinary world in which he lived. A BBC Production.



Coast, series 9 (6x60’). An entertaining and ambitious exploration of coastline, celebrating the unique character of coastal communities. A BBC Production.



Dinopaws (50 x 11’ & 1 x 22’ Christmas Special). Dinopaws is a magical programme for preschoolers who, like the Dinopaws, are exploring the world they live in for the first time and discovering exciting new experiences, objects, places and feelings every day. A Kindle Entertainment Ltd, Guru Studio Ltd and Laughing Gravy Media Ltd Co-Production for CBeebies, BBC Worldwide and Treehouse TV.

Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures (20x14’). Andy is back for a brand new series of fun-filled, jaw-dropping and eye-popping adventures – only this time he’s going back in time to search for the dinosaurs that once roamed our planet. A CBeebies & BBC Worldwide Co-Production.

Harriet’s Army (1x90’). Harriet’s Army is a thrilling World War One family drama, following the adventures of a group of brave and determined children as they hold the front line at home, revealing the astonishing real roles played by children as their fathers and brothers went to fight in the trenches. A BBC Production.

Horrible Histories, series 5 (13 x 30’ & 2 Specials). Get ready for rotten rulers, gory battles, crazy inventions and gruesome gags galore as the award winning Horrible Histories – based on the books by Terry Deary – returns. A Lion Television/In association with Citrus Television for CBBC. Based on The Horrible Histories series of books written by Terry Deary and illustrated by Martin Brown published by Scholastic Ltd. Under License from Scholastic Entertainment.



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