BBC Pop Up - BBC launches first experimental mobile bureau in the US

BBC Pop Up is a new experiment for the BBC, focused on telling stories that are driven by the local community, but which speak to a global audience.Matt Danzico
Date: 09.09.2014     Last updated: 09.09.2014 at 15.49
Category: BBC World News
The BBC has launched its first mobile bureau in the US, as part of an experimental project. On the road for 6 months from September 2014, BBC Pop Up comprises a small team of BBC video journalists who are taking up residence in a different US city each month to produce locally sourced short and long-form video content for the BBC’s global news services on TV and online.

BBC Pop Up is an immersive journalism experiment driven by three key objectives:

- To gather and crowd source story ideas by holding local community meet-ups in each city where residents suggest issues and stories that matter to them. The BBC journalists will be embedded in each city for a month as part of this process, based in local co-working spaces.

- To produce short video features for, social media and on BBC World News, including programmes aimed at the US audience such as GMT and World News America, as well a half hour documentary for BBC World News TV (in total a six-part series) based on the stories and content gathered in each city.

- Outreach to local journalism faculties to offer free classes and workshops at American universities in each town.

In total, the project will visit six American cities with the aim of giving a voice to diverse communities across the US, reflecting different perspectives and taking these stories to a global audience.

In September BBC Pop Up will be checking into Boulder, Colorado for the first month of its six-month tour. The team will be working with the local community as well as teaching at the University of Colorado.

BBC Pop Up was created by a team of three from Washington and London, and is the latest in a series of innovations from the digital team at BBC News. Recent launches have included: BBC Trending (@bbctrending) which reports on the stories trending around the world, BBC Shorts (bbcshorts) covering the day’s new headlines in 15-second videos and BBC World News on Reddit.

Matt Danzico from BBC Pop Up says: "BBC Pop Up is a new experiment for the BBC, focused on telling stories that are driven by the local community, but which speak to a global audience. Boulder in Colorado was the perfect fit for the first stop of this project; situated in a swing state that has become a battleground for nationally contested issues from the legalisation of marijuana to gun control."

To find out more about BBC Pop go to the open-source notebook - – created to record the evolution of the project, from the initial idea through the design process to the newsgathering and content creation, or visit: or on twitter: @bbcpopup

BBC Pop up is produced by the BBC’s North America digital team based in DC, who produce video and text features which are being used across multiple platforms reaching audiences both in the US and globally. continues to see growth in North America - July saw its unique desktop users grow 6% month on month and 16% year on year. (*ComScore Media Metrix. Worldwide desktop data for July 2014).

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