Statement regarding BBC and NTV, Turkey

Date: 14.06.2013     Last updated: 18.03.2014 at 18.17
Category: Corporate
BBC World Service Director, Peter Horrocks, has issued the following statement.

“The BBC is suspending its partnership with NTV in Turkey with immediate effect following NTV’s decision not to transmit the BBC programme Dunya Gundemi [World Agenda] today.

"Any interference in BBC broadcasting is totally unacceptable and at a time of considerable international concern about the situation in Turkey the BBC’s impartial service to audiences is vital.”

Further information

BBC Türkçe will continue to cover global events – including the events in Turkey – on all platforms, providing its audiences with independent, impartial and balanced reports and analysis.

Its TV programming will continue to be available for viewing via the website BBC Türkçe will continue to engage with its audiences via social media, on Facebook and Twitter.

BBC Press Office