Statement regarding an interview with David Cameron on the Andrew Marr Show, 19th April 2015.

We've issued a statement regarding an interview between Andrew Marr and David Cameron on The Andrew Marr Show on Sunday 19 April 2015.

Published: 20 April 2015

Andrew questioned Prime Minster David Cameron about fox-hunting because of a statement in the Conservative Party manifesto. The manifesto states the party will: 'protect hunting, shooting and fishing, for all the benefits to individuals, the environment and the rural economy that these activities bring. A Conservative Government will give Parliament the opportunity to repeal the Hunting Act on a free vote, with a government bill in government time.'

Andrew wanted to explore what the sport - in which David Cameron has participated in the past - means to the Prime Minister, given this commitment.

Andrew referred to a piece in the Countryside Alliance magazine written by the Prime Minister which promised the free vote. Andrew had been given a quote from an article reporting the contents of the piece which included the words “This is my sport that I love and I want to be able to do it legally.” The way the piece was written gave the impression that these were Mr Cameron's own words. After returning to the original article, we accept that this reading was incorrect and that our error was an honest mistake.