European Elections - BBC News coverage

Date: 10.05.2019     Last updated: 10.05.2019 at 16.59
Category: Corporate; News

The European elections take place on May 23. During an election period, it’s especially important that BBC News covers political parties appropriately, hearing the views of and examining and challenging the policies of all relevant parties. We operate according to a set of guidelines, which are publicly available here:

Editorial Guidelines: Election Campaign for the European Parliament across the UK

Nine parties in Great Britain are standing a full list of candidates for these elections. We are interviewing representatives from all of these parties on their views and policies. We are reporting a key launch event for each party, if they hold one.

We will of course also report on newsworthy policies and political developments from the campaigns.

How do we decide what’s an ‘appropriate’ level of coverage? We take into account levels of past and current electoral support - previous performance in elections, robust and consistent trends in a range of opinion polls, plus levels of representation and candidature.

There are two new parties in Great Britain with a full list of candidates for these elections. Both currently have representation - in the European Parliament and/or in the Commons - and this, together with emerging evidence from opinion polls, is taken into account as we decide levels of coverage.

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