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Week 31 highlights

  • Hold The Sunset

    Hold The Sunset

    Episode one: The Sale. With Edith and Phil’s sunset retirement waiting on the sale of the house, Phil begins to despair of it ever selling.

  • Keeping Faith

    Keeping Faith

    It's 18 months since Faith’s (Eve Myles) life was turned upside down by the unexplained disappearance of her husband. And 18 months since his unexpected and shocking return.

  • Broke


    In this series, families from across the UK reveal what it really means to be in work, but still only ‘just about managing’.

  • The Nazi Pug: Joke Or Hate?

    The Nazi Pug: Joke Or Hate?

    YouTube video-maker Markus Meechan, better known to most as the 'Nazi pug man’, was convicted of committing a hate crime after posting a video of his girlfriend’s dog who he had trained to perform a ‘Nazi salute’. The video was judged as grossly offensive for containing menacing anti-Semitic and racist material - he claims it was a joke, made to annoy his girlfriend.

  • A Fresh Guide To Florence With Fab 5 Freddy

    A Fresh Guide To Florence With Fab 5 Freddy

    Hip hop pioneer Fred Brathwaite - aka Fab 5 Freddy - goes on a quest to uncover the hidden black figures of Italian Renaissance art.

  • Cindy Sherman #untitled

    Cindy Sherman #untitled

    In this witty and revealing Arena film, Cindy Sherman - widely recognised as one of the greatest living contemporary artists - grants a rare interview to award-winning director Clare Beavan.

  • Poldark


    Ross's tenacity in helping Ned (Vincent Regan, pictured) finally bears fruit, but it comes at a cost.

  • Serengeti


    The dry season is now upon the animals of the Serengeti, the toughest of times for some but a food bonanza for others. The increasing drought turns the waterhole into a death trap for the herds, but for the lions it’s a gift - and Kali and her cubs are finally able to enjoy life back in the heart of the pride.

  • Nadiya's Time To Eat

    Nadiya's Time To Eat

    Nadiya shares her favourite time-saving recipes to ensure an easy end to a hectic day.

  • Inside The Factory

    Inside The Factory

    Episode one: Cherry Bakewells. Gregg Wallace and Cherry Healey get access to some of the biggest factories in Britain and Europe, to follow the 24-hour production lines that produce our favourite products.

  • How To Break Into The Elite

    How To Break Into The Elite

    How much does class still matter in Britain’s elite professions? Is working hard enough, or are your chances in life still determined by where you come from?

  • Revolutions: Car

    Revolutions: Car

    Jim Al Khalili investigates how our innate drive to explore mobilised humanity and gave us the ultimate freedom machine - the car.

  • Fake Or Fortune? - Cosway Or Lawrence

    Fake Or Fortune? - Cosway Or Lawrence

    In this episode, we’re investigating an 18th century family portrait of a young man at the prime of his life. Could a chance sighting by Philip have revealed an undiscovered work by the giant of Regency portraiture, Sir Thomas Lawrence?

  • Animals at Play

    Animals at Play

    Across the natural world, young animals spend much of their time playing. From cats that love a game of chase, to chimps that can solve puzzles, new research now reveals that play is at the heart of almost everything an animal learns - it’s so much more than fun and games.

  • Fosse/Verdon


    Episode one: Life Is A Cabaret. It's 1966 and Bob Fosse is in Hollywood on the set of Sweet Charity, the film of the successful Broadway musical that had starred his wife Gwen Verdon, who has been replaced on screen by Shirley MacLaine.

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