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Week 13 highlights

  • Turkey With Simon Reeve

    Turkey With Simon Reeve

    Adventurer and presenter Simon Reeve is on a journey around Turkey, a land of beauty and extremes in a unique position at the crossroads between Europe and Asia. In this two-part series for BBC Two Simon discovers a country undergoing dramatic and fundamental changes.

  • Paula Rego: Secrets And Stories

    Paula Rego: Secrets And Stories

    A unique insight into the life and work of celebrated painter Paula Rego, directed by her son, Nick Willing.

  • Gravity And Me: The Force That Shapes Our Lives

    Gravity And Me: The Force That Shapes Our Lives

    In this BBC Four 90-minute special, physics professor Jim Al-Khalili investigates the amazing science of gravity.

  • Clique


    Holly is finally getting comfortable. Her relationship with Rory has stepped up and her friendship with the girls feels ever more real. But when an awful truth surfaces, all that is shattered.

  • Question Time: Britain After Brexit

    Question Time: Britain After Brexit

    Brexit will be the topic of a special live edition of the nation’s most popular political debate programme, Question Time on BBC One.

  • The Last Kingdom

    The Last Kingdom

    Betrayed by Guthred and condemned to a life of slavery, Uhtred and Halig, along with fellow slave Finan, are forced to row endlessly on a trader ship.

  • Brian Pern: A Tribute

    Brian Pern: A Tribute

    Following the sudden death of Brian Pern, BBC Four pays tribute to the man who invented world music, pioneered pop/prog rock and plasticine in videos in this special one off documentary presented by the award winning film maker Rhys Thomas OBE.

  • Galapagos


    In the vastness of the Pacific lies the Galapagos, one of the greatest treasures of the natural world and a biological wonderland.

  • Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond The Lobby

    Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond The Lobby

    Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond The Lobby sees Giles Coren and Monica Galetti roll up their sleeves to work alongside staff in some of the most extraordinary hotels across the globe.

  • Holding Back The Years

    Holding Back The Years

    Maureen Lipman travels back to her home town of Hull to meet inspirational characters who have found different ways to stay happy through the ups and downs of life. Maureen faced her own challenges after losing her husband of over 30 years, playwright Jack Rosenthal. Maureen looks at how people can stay social and avoid loneliness as we grow older.

  • CBeebies Bedtime Stories - Tom Hardy

    CBeebies Bedtime Stories - Tom Hardy

    Tom Hardy returns to CBeebies on Mother’s Day to read a brand new bedtime tale, There’s A Bear On My Chair.

  • BBC 6 Music Festival

    BBC 6 Music Festival

    Highlights from the BBC Radio 6 Music Festival which, this year, came live from Glasgow from Friday 24-Sunday 26 March.

  • Rio Ferdinand: Being Mum And Dad

    Rio Ferdinand: Being Mum And Dad

    Rio Ferdinand embarks on an intensely personal journey, exploring the ways bereaved parents come to terms with loss and shape new lives for themselves and their children, in this poignant documentary for BBC One.

  • Top Gear

    Top Gear

    Chris Harris and the £2m Bugatti Chiron attempt to cross the Arabian peninsula faster than Matt LeBlanc - and a roster of money-no-object transport solutions.

  • Postman Pat: SDS

    Postman Pat: SDS

    It’s a snowy day in Greendale, and Ted Glen has invited the kids to his workshop to meet his friend, space expert Professor Farrow. Julian’s excited, but so is Pat, who has always yearned to be an astronaut. He’s even more thrilled when he finds that his special delivery is a space suit - an extra surprise for the kids.

  • Line Of Duty

    Line Of Duty

    The hit police corruption drama returns for a fourth series. When DCI Roz Huntley (Thandie Newton) captures a serial killer, Forensic Coordinator Tim Ifield (Jason Watkins) alerts AC-12 to a possible miscarriage of justice.

  • Stargazing Live Australia

    Stargazing Live Australia

    Stargazing Live is back for its seventh year with a completely new view of the night sky - live, from the other side of the world!

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