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Week 48 highlights

  • Fern Britton Meets... Shane Lynch

    Fern Britton Meets... Shane Lynch

    Fern Britton Meets….. is returning for its seventh series on BBC One in the run up to Christmas 2015.

  • Doctor Who: Heaven Sent

    Doctor Who: Heaven Sent

    Trapped in a world unlike any other he has seen, the Doctor faces the greatest challenge of his many lives. One final test. And he must face it alone.

  • Tomorrow's Food

    Tomorrow's Food

    In episode two Dara O Briain visits Ocado, one of Britain’s largest and most high-tech online food shopping centres. With robots and 15 miles of conveyor belts, Dara sees the computer-controlled machinery in action, as one million items a day are packed from this location alone.

  • The Hunt: Plains - Nowhere To Hide

    The Hunt: Plains - Nowhere To Hide

    The Hunt continues with Plains - Nowhere to Hide, exploring the strategies of predator and prey in the open habitats of the desert and grasslands.

  • Ireland With Simon Reeve

    Ireland With Simon Reeve

    In episode two, Simon’s journey begins at the spectacular Giant’s Causeway - a place of myth and legend - before travelling to nearby Rathlin Island, where a small island community are experimenting with an enterprising form of underwater food production: kelp farming.

  • London Spy

    London Spy

    Danny’s confronted with a side of his lover’s life that seems to undermine the foundation of their relationship. As he wonders whether to give up, he remembers a vital clue that he’s overlooked.

  • Capital


    As the ‘We Want What You Have’ campaign begins to intensify, the worried residents of Pepys Road demand greater action from the police. But whilst DI Mill (Bryan Dick) searches for a breakthrough, other forces continue to transform the fortunes of the road’s inhabitants.

  • What A Performance! Pioneers Of Popular Entertainment

    What A Performance! Pioneers Of Popular Entertainment

    In this lively 3x60’ series for BBC Four, comedian Frank Skinner and music broadcaster and presenter Suzy Klein explore the history of British popular entertainment in the 100 years before the arrival of television.

  • This Is Tottenham

    This Is Tottenham

    In the 30 years since the Broadwater Farm riots, Tottenham has seen more than its fair share of national headlines - from the missed child abuse scandals of Baby P and Victoria Climbie, to the shooting of Mark Duggan and the 2011 summer riots. Taking the temperature of one of Britain’s most vibrant, diverse and notoriously challenging constituencies, this candid film shines a spotlight on the lives of those who live in Tottenham today.

  • Jamillah and Aladdin

    Jamillah and Aladdin

    Jamillah and Aladdin is a magical new drama series filled with enchantment and adventure.

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