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Week 8 highlights

  • The Twirlywoos

    The Twirlywoos

    Twirlywoos, is a new pre-school comedy series featuring the antics of four curious, bird-like characters: Great BigHoo, Toodloo, Chickedy and Chick.

  • Waterloo Road

    Waterloo Road

    Dale’s erratic behaviour reaches new heights, Abdul comes to face to face with his past, Bonnie is floored by a revelation about her cyberbully, Marco and Christine grow closer and someone has their eye on Lorna.

  • Bob Servant

    Bob Servant

    As the series comes to the end of its three-part run, Frank is getting married to Dorothy and Bob’s feeling the pressure.

  • Vic And Bob's House Of Fools

    Vic And Bob's House Of Fools

    Vic and Bob’s critically acclaimed comedy continues. After discovering some discarded Botox and tattooing equipment, Vic decides to test them out on two volunteers - Julie (Morgana Robinson) and Bosh (Dan Skinner) - with striking results.

  • Track Cycling World Championships

    Track Cycling World Championships

    Jonathan Edwards introduces coverage from the final day of the UCI Track Cycling World Championships, staged at the Velodrome de Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, near Paris.

  • Reinventing The Royals

    Reinventing The Royals

    The final part of this two-part series looks at how the experience of growing up in the media spotlight has affected Princes William and Harry and their attitudes to the press and media.

  • The People's Strictly For Comic Relief

    The People's Strictly For Comic Relief

    For the first time in its history, Strictly Come Dancing is throwing open the sparkly doors of its ballroom to the Great British public.

  • Death In Paradise

    Death In Paradise

    In the final episode of the series, murder suspect Jack Harmer is found shot dead whilst in police custody. With tight security in the prison cell, including three locked doors and Dwayne and JP on the scene, how did a killer manage to slip through undetected?

  • The Big Painting Challenge

    The Big Painting Challenge

    The first episode sees our ten artists visit Alnwick Castle in Northumberland - known to most as Hogwarts. As we see their unique painting styles unfold on the canvas in front of them, we learn about the artists’ backstories, what drives their passion for painting - and why they want to win.

  • Meet The Ukippers

    Meet The Ukippers

    UKIP is riding on a wave of success in by-elections and polls, but coverage normally focuses on just one man - leader Nigel Farage. This film goes to the beating heart of UKIP, the party stalwarts who work day in and out to try and propel their leader to Parliament.

  • Suffragettes Forever! The Story Of Women And Power

    Suffragettes Forever! The Story Of Women And Power

    Historian Amanda Vickery uncovers Britain’s longest war, the 300 year-long campaign by women for political and sex equality in Britain, revealing the largely forgotten heroines (and a few heroes) who fought for the cause.

  • Call The Midwife

    Call The Midwife

    A secret romance faces heartbreak when teenager Paulette Roland falls pregnant.

  • How We Got To Now With Steven Johnson: Time

    How We Got To Now With Steven Johnson: Time

    Best-selling author Steven Johnson (Where Good Ideas Come From, Everything Bad Is Good For You) presents a new, five-part series, which investigates the little-known stories of the men and women whose revolutionary innovations had far-reaching consequences that went beyond their original intent. Today, these innovations play a major role in almost every aspect of our modern world.

  • Wolf Hall - Crows

    Wolf Hall - Crows

    Anne accuses Cromwell of betrayal when she finds out that he tried to protect Mary and not Elizabeth at a time of crisis. But Anne’s power is rapidly dissolving and her enemies are gathering.

  • Top Gear

    Top Gear

    Jeremy Clarkson and James May encounter artillery shells, corsets and classic hot hatchbacks as they take a nostalgic look at one of the world’s most interesting and varied companies: Peugeot.

  • The Casual Vacancy

    The Casual Vacancy

    The parish council election approaches and Pagford is on tenterhooks, awaiting the next post from 'The Ghost of Barry Fairbrother'. Who is The Ghost, and what will they say? Is anyone in the village safe from humiliation?

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