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Week 13 highlights

  • Pramface


    At eight and half months, Laura is in the final stages of pregnancy. She’s also stuck at home and really bored. With her parents lost in their rekindled love and best friend Danielle otherwise engaged, Laura gets Jamie to take her on a shopping trip.

  • My Murder

    My Murder

    A chance meeting with a young girl leads to murder, as a teenage boy is engulfed by a web of lies in this innovative and gripping factual drama.

  • The Syndicate

    The Syndicate

    In a new five-part drama for BBC One, written by Kay Mellor, The Syndicate tells the story of five workers at a cut-price supermarket in Leeds whose lives are turned upside down after they jointly win the lottery.

  • How God Made The English

    How God Made The English

    How God Made The English explores both what it means to be English and what has shaped English identity. The three-part series for BBC Two is written and presented by Diarmaid MacCulloch, Professor of the History of the Church at Oxford University and presenter of the award-winning BBC series A History of Christianity.

  • Casualty


    It’s judgement day for Sam when the GMC begins its investigation into her actions, in Casualty: Lest Ye Be Judged.

  • Dickens in Parliament

    Dickens in Parliament

    Charles Dickens began his literary career while a journalist at Westminster. In his bicentenary year, Carolyn Quinn reports on how his time at Parliament inspired him.

  • Twenty Twelve

    Twenty Twelve

    The British Comedy award-winning Twenty Twelve returns tonight for a four-part second series.

  • One Night

    One Night

    Bespoke kitchen salesman Ted - a man who considers nothing too trivial to worry about - believes that at 50 his future might be the dole queue. So to impress his boss Kenny he is throwing a barbecue - and it has to be a complete success.

  • Secrets And Words

    Secrets And Words

    New series Secrets and Words is a contemporary drama of five stand-alone episodes, with the common theme of adult literacy.

  • Reggie Yates: Teen Gangs

    Reggie Yates: Teen Gangs

    TV presenter and Radio 1 DJ Reggie Yates explores the culture of fear, anger and violence which drives the dangerous world of teenage gangs, in this one-hour documentary made by Mentorn Media.

  • Titanic With Len Goodman

    Titanic With Len Goodman

    In a new three-part series, Titanic With Len Goodman, the Strictly Come Dancing judge discovers how the impact of the Titanic disaster is still felt a century after the ship sank.

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