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Week 28 highlights

  • Jerseybeat: The Four Seasons Story

    Jerseybeat: The Four Seasons Story

    Paul Sexton profiles one of the greatest pop vocal groups in chart history. This week the spotlight falls on 1967, as dusk was falling on The Four Seasons’ incredible run of American hits. Paul explores the pressures that continued to pull the group apart, leading to the departure of another original member, Tommy DeVito, in 1971.

  • Radio 1Xtra Stories: Gangs On Film - Fact or Fiction?

    Radio 1Xtra Stories: Gangs On Film - Fact or Fiction?

    Crime has always been a staple of the small and big screen, but in recent years a number of 'hood' films like Top Boy, Sket and Anuvahood have started to enjoy mainstream success. Radio 1Xtra Breakfast DJ Twin B explores the major themes of this genre, from drug culture to girl gangs, riots and football hooligans.

  • It Started With A Tweet

    It Started With A Tweet

    In just three years China’s main microblogging site Sina Weibo has surpassed Twitter’s entire global membership. More than 300 million Chinese are now messaging, with millions more joining the national conversation every month. In the first episode of this two-part documentary Shanghai-based journalist Duncan Hewitt finds out how microblogging is changing China.

  • Sunday Feature: Think Negative

    Sunday Feature: Think Negative

    The poet, novelist and professor of Comparative Literature at Oxford University Patrick McGuinness argues that we live in a culture that puts a premium on positivity and frowns on negativity - when negative thinking is vital to the life of the mind and the progress of thought.

  • The Reith Lectures 2012: Civil and Uncivil Societies

    The Reith Lectures 2012: Civil and Uncivil Societies

    Niall Ferguson examines institutions which exist outside the political, economic and legal realms and their role in creating a vibrant and independent civil society, in a lecture delivered at the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

  • Now Playing @6Music

    Now Playing @6Music

    As part of BBC Radio 6 Music Celebrates: 50 Years of The Rolling Stones, Tom Robinson invites listeners to compile their ultimate Stones-inspired playlist.

  • Capital Justice

    Capital Justice

    Helena Kennedy QC presents a new series uncovering the relationship between our financial and legal systems, between capitalism and the law, between freedom and justice.

  • Private Passions: Judith Kerr

    Private Passions: Judith Kerr

    Michael Berkeley's guest on Private Passions is the best-selling children's author Judith Kerr.

  • The First Time With Wayne Coyne

    The First Time With Wayne Coyne

    The First Time returns this week with the legendary Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne. Matt Everitt provides an exclusive and in-depth interview revealing the pivotal moments of Wayne’s career, which began in 1983.

  • The Ballads Of The Games

    The Ballads Of The Games

    Gretel Bergman, the high jumper dropped from Germany's 1936 Olympic team for being Jewish, tells her story in the second of a six-part series which revisits events from history through eye-witness accounts and new songs.

  • Composer Of The week: Michael Nyman

    Composer Of The week: Michael Nyman

    One of the most popular and yet controversial composers of our time, Michael Nyman is exclusively in conversation with Donald Macleod.

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