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Unplaced programmes from 25 March to 31 March




Holly is finally getting comfortable. Her relationship with Rory has stepped up and her friendship with the girls feels ever more real. But when an awful truth surfaces, all that is shattered.

Now Holly finds herself not knowing where to turn or who to trust. The warning messages she has been receiving intensify and the identity of their sender is more mysterious than ever.

At a party to celebrate Georgia’s achievements at Solasta, Holly finds herself at odds with the jolly atmosphere and things reach a vicious end.

Saturday 25 March



Paula Rego: Secrets And Stories

A unique insight into the life and work of celebrated painter Paula Rego, directed by her son, Nick Willing.

Notoriously private and guarded, Rego opens up for the first time in this film about the secrets and stories in her life. Born in Portugal, trained in London, she nevertheless used her powerful pictures as a weapon against the Portuguese dictatorship - a country which her father told her was no good for women - and continued to target women’s issues such as abortion.

The film combines a huge archive of home movies and family photographs with interviews spanning 60 years. What emerges is a powerful personal portrait of an artist, whose legacy will survive the years, graphically illustrated in pastel, charcoal and oil paint.

The Director and Editor is Nick Willing. The Producer is Michele Camarda. The Executive Producer is Liz Hartford. The Executive Producers for the BBC are Kate Townsend and Mark Bell.

Paula Rego: Secrets And Stories was commissioned by Mark Bell, Head of Arts Commissioning, BBC.

Sunday 26 March



Line Of Duty

The hit police corruption drama returns for a fourth series. When DCI Roz Huntley (Thandie Newton) captures a serial killer, Forensic Coordinator Tim Ifield (Jason Watkins) alerts AC-12 to a possible miscarriage of justice.

Series four of the hit drama, written and created by Jed Mercurio, begins with DCI Roz Huntley and her team in the thick of a career-defining case, Operation Trapdoor.

Under intense pressure to catch the culprit and prove herself to her superiors, and facing conflict with her colleague, Forensic Coordinator Tim Ifield, it’s not long before AC-12 decide to probe her handling of the investigation. A mother of two and wife to husband Nick (Lee Ingleby), Roz will do anything to stop her life unravelling. Anything.

Pictured: DCI Roz Huntley (Thandie Newton)



Athletics: World Cross Country Highlights

Highlights of the biennial championship from the Ugandan capital of Kampala, where the host nation’s athletes were vying to break the duopoly of Kenya and Ethiopia’s runners.

Kenya won both senior titles two years ago but were knocked off the top of the medal table for the first time in five editions by Ethiopia, who captured 11 medals.

British medal hopes rest with the inaugural mixed relay, an 8km race contested by teams of two men and two women.

Robot Wars

Dara Ó Briain and Angela Scanlon present the latest visit to the engineering battleground of Robot Wars, with Jonathan Pearce bringing his unique commentary to the show’s nine intense battles. Competing in this episode: Supernova (pictured), Frostbite, Wyrm, High 5, Crushtacean, Ironside 3, Pulsar, and Apex.

The arena is packed with hazards: The Pit, The Spikes, The Flipper and Fire. There’s also the four House Robots to deal with in the form of Sir Killalot, Matilda, Dead Metal and Shunt. Competitors must knock out their opponents by smashing them, flipping them out the arena, pushing them down the pit or by rendering them immobile.

Presiding over the battles are three judges, Professor Noel Sharkey, Dr Lucy Rogers and Professor Sethu Vijayakumar. In the case of no clear winner they will appoint a winner based on competitors’ control, damage and aggression.

This series there’s a menacing new twist. Hitting the Arena Tyre no longer automatically lowers The Pit. It can also activate a mode called Rogue House Robot. This releases a House Robot to attack the competitors for a period of ten seconds, anywhere in the arena.

Let battle commence!


Top Gear

Chris Harris and the £2m Bugatti Chiron attempt to cross the Arabian peninsula faster than Matt LeBlanc - and a roster of money-no-object transport solutions.

Back in Britain, Rory Reid constructs a life-size arcade game to test the Renault Twingo GT and its city car rivals, while rap star Tinie Tempah tackles the Top Gear track in the Reasonably Fast Toyota GT86.

Turkey With Simon Reeve

Adventurer and presenter Simon Reeve is on a journey around Turkey, a land of beauty and extremes in a unique position at the crossroads between Europe and Asia. In this two-part series for BBC Two Simon discovers a country undergoing dramatic and fundamental changes.

On the first leg of his journey Simon travels from Istanbul, along the Aegean coast and on to the hostile border with Syria. He meets the billionaire businessman taking advantage of the Turkish property boom, the Syrian refugees trying to carve out a new life, and the builder constructing one of the world’s biggest mosques.

The second part of his journey takes Simon from the beautiful Taurus Mountains, north to the Black Sea Coast and via the nation’s capital comes full circle back to Istanbul. In the Northern Highlands he visits the community keeping an ancient whistling language alive; in the volatile South he witnesses the shocking effect of fighting in Kurdish areas and in Istanbul he takes part in a globally popular television drama, set in the palace of the Ottoman Sultans.



BBC 6 Music Festival

Highlights from the BBC Radio 6 Music Festival which, this year, came live from Glasgow from Friday 24-Sunday 26 March.

This special show features acts from the iconic Glasgow Barrowland and O2 Academy who performed over the first two days of the three day festival.

This special show features acts from the iconic Glasgow Barrowland and O2 Academy who performed over the first two days of the three-day festival.

Music highlights include The Jesus And Mary Chain, Goldfrapp, The Shins, Sleaford Mods, Sparks, Grandaddy, Songhoy Blues, Warpaint and Bonobo.

Now in its fourth year, the BBC Radio 6 Music Festival showcases the alternative music spirit of the station. It took place across various locations in Glasgow, including the O2 Academy, Barrowlands Ballroom and St Luke's, plus music events during the day at the Tramway.



CBeebies Bedtime Stories - Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy returns to CBeebies on Mother’s Day to read a brand new bedtime tale, There’s A Bear On My Chair.

Tom tells the hilarious story about an angry little mouse who is desperately trying to move a bear from his chair. Written by Ross Collins, Tom recounts how the mouse tries all kind of tactics to move the pesky bear, all to no avail. The mouse eventually gives up...

...but wait - could there be a twist to this tale?

Monday 27 March



Holding Back The Years

Maureen Lipman travels back to her home town of Hull to meet inspirational characters who have found different ways to stay happy through the ups and downs of life. Maureen faced her own challenges after losing her husband of over 30 years, playwright Jack Rosenthal. Maureen looks at how people can stay social and avoid loneliness as we grow older.

Maureen hears stories of triumph and tragedy from regulars at a local bingo hall, while over lunch at the Royal Voluntary Service club she runs the raffle and hears the highly vocal opinions of customers and volunteers alike. Maureen sees the dramatic difference to peoples’ lives made by a kennels that specialises in offering dogs to older people. She also meets men who have found companionship in their super-sized shed, a group who have put the social into learning and asks a couple their secret after a marriage lasting over sixty years

Question Time: Britain After Brexit

Brexit will be the topic of a special live edition of the nation’s most popular political debate programme, Question Time on BBC One.

With the government about to trigger Article 50 and start the Brexit process, Question Time: Britain After Brexit will allow members of the public to put questions to a panel of senior politicians who campaigned on both sides of the referendum debate.

Commissioned from Mentorn Scotland, David Dimbleby will host the 90-minute debate from Birmingham on Monday 27 March, from 8.30pm to 10pm. On the panel is: the Secretary of State for Exiting the EU, David Davis; the Shadow Secretary of State for Exiting the EU, Sir Keir Starmer; the former Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg; the former First Minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond; the Deputy Chair of UKIP, Suzanne Evans; and the Times columnist, Melanie Phillips.

Question Time Editor Liam Hanley says: “At a hugely significant moment in British history, this is an opportunity for members of the public to put their questions about Brexit to key political figures involved in the process. An extended Question Time will give us the time and space to explore what a post-Brexit Britain might look and feel like.”



The Repair Shop

The Repair Shop is a workshop of dreams, where broken or damaged cherished family heirlooms are brought back to life.

Furniture restorers, horologists, metal workers, ceramicists, upholsterers and all manner of skilled craftsmen and women have been brought together to work in one extraordinary space, restoring much-loved possessions to their former glory.

Many of these items have incredible stories behind them and a unique place in history: from an accordion played in the Blitz by a woman who is now in her 90s, to a beautifully crafted clock made by a father who was completely blind; a Pinball machine that is currently being used as a kitchen counter, and a Davenport desk with its trademark fake drawers which fooled burglars - and their crowbar.

The Repair Shop is an antidote to our throwaway culture and shines a light on the wonderful treasures to be found in homes across the country.

A Ricochet production for the BBC, the Executive Producers are Rob Butterfield and Sam Wilson.

The BBC Commissioning Editor is Carla-Maria Lawson.

Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond The Lobby

Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond The Lobby sees Giles Coren and Monica Galetti roll up their sleeves to work alongside staff in some of the most extraordinary hotels across the globe.

With wonder, curiosity and humour, they learn tricks of the trade and discover what it takes to offer once-in-a-lifetime experiences in awe-inspiring locations.

In the first episode Giles and Monica join the 9,500 thousand-strong workforce in one of the world’s biggest hotels: Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands. This epic hotel caters for one million guests every year, cost £3.5 billion to build and was created as part of a government plan to triple tourist income to Singapore within 10 years.

The jewel in its crown is the longest elevated infinity pool in the world, the size of three Olympic swimming pools. As pool attendants, Giles and Monica discover the marathon laundry process that cleans tens of thousands of towels per day. One of the most surprising places unearthed is its high-tech uniform store, which supplies 160,000 pieces of uniform with 600 different designs.

Giles and Monica explore extraordinary places beyond the lobby that the public never sees. Giles smartens up and joins the butler’s team, led by an ex-Singapore special forces officer, while Monica helps prepare an eight-course tasting menu for 1,400 dinner guests. They also spend time with their new co-workers at home, uncovering moving stories about their lives beyond the hotel walls.

Tuesday 28 March



Holding Back The Years

Angela returns to Devon, where she grew up, to take a thought provoking look at the different ways people can retire in Britain today – and she meets those who simply don’t want to.

She visits a new luxury type of senior living where the best facilities are literarily on your doorstep. By contrast Angela helps out at a local charity shop finding out why some volunteer and why some shop there. Here she meets pensioner Julie who leads a very frugal life and who shares some of her unusual money saving tips!

Angela heads to the local hospital wards to meet Monica, an 83-year old nurse who has no intention of retiring and she speaks to Martyn Rogers of Age UK who has advice on how people of all ages should be thinking about their retirement now.

Rio Ferdinand: Being Mum And Dad

Rio Ferdinand embarks on an intensely personal journey, exploring the ways bereaved parents come to terms with loss and shape new lives for themselves and their children, in this poignant documentary for BBC One.

“I don’t think I’ve grieved properly. I’ve not given myself that time to sit down and really flush everything out and go through it,” Rio says in the documentary. 

In May 2015, former professional footballer Rio Ferdinand’s life changed forever when his wife Rebecca passed away from breast cancer, aged just 34.

In this one-off 60-minute documentary, Rio explores ways of managing grief - including his own - and discovers that the best way for parents to help their children move on with their lives is to first rebuild their own.

With around 75 men aged under 50 becoming widowers every day in the UK, this intimate film also offers a broader insight into how young husbands and fathers cope with grief, as Rio speaks to other bereaved men who share their experiences.

By exploring the complex issues around grief, the stigma men often face in displaying and discussing their emotions, and discovering some of the ways people cope with loss, the film highlights the additional obstacles bereaved men can face.



Stargazing Live Australia

Stargazing Live is back for its seventh year with a completely new view of the night sky - live, from the other side of the world!

Professor Brian Cox and Dara O Briain have packed their sunscreen and headed to Australia to gaze up at a sky that will be completely unfamiliar to viewers in the UK, packed full of the most astonishing features from constellations like the Southern Cross - famously featured on Australia’s flag - to jewel-like clusters of stars and perfectly positioned planets.

But capping it all is the most remarkable view of the Milky Way, arching overhead like a river of stars. Join them live as they finish a long night under the stars, and as dawn approaches in Australia.

Brian and Dara are joined by Liz Bonnin on the mountain, and will have Australian outback-astronomer Greg Quicke as their guide to the southern sky. Surrounded by kangaroos, snakes and spiders, Greg will reveal the wonderful star-tales told by indigenous people, such as the great Emu in the sky; Liz Bonnin will report on her mission to catch a shooting star, Dara will tempt us to visit the closest planet outside our solar system, and Brian will reveal how Australia came to the rescue of the stricken Apollo 13 moon mission.

Throughout the programme they’ll be asking for viewers’ help in some incredible scientific research - hoping to find the missing 9th planet in the Solar System.

Home for the series is a remote mountain top in New South Wales, site of the world-famous Siding Spring Observatory, which boasts over 50 telescopes including Australia’s two biggest. The remote mountain sits beside the Warrumbungle National Park, celebrated for its dark skies. It will give Brian and Dara an unprecedented view of a night sky that can never be seen from the UK, because Australia looks directly into the heart of the Milky Way galaxy. And it’s the perfect time to be there: the summer skies have been washed clean of dust by Australia’s autumn rains, the earth’s tilt is pointing Australia right towards the centre the Milky Way, and the New Moon means the night will be as dark as it ever gets - perfect for Stargazing.

Pictured: Night falls over the Siding Spring Observatory, Stargazing Live’s home in Australia



Gravity And Me: The Force That Shapes Our Lives

In this BBC Four 90-minute special, physics professor Jim Al-Khalili investigates the amazing science of gravity.

A fundamental force of nature, gravity shapes our entire universe. It sculpts galaxies and warps space and time. But gravity’s strange powers also affect our daily lives in the most unexpected ways. This is a story with surprises in store for Jim himself. In telling the story of gravity, his own understanding of the nature of reality comes to be challenged.

The science of gravity includes the greatest advances in physics, and in this BBC Four film Jim recreates groundbreaking experiments, including the moment when the Italian genius Galileo first worked out how to measure gravity.  He investigates the latest breakthrough - 'gravity waves' - ripples in the vast emptiness of space, and finds out from astronauts what it’s like to live without gravity.

But gravity also directly affects all of us very personally, making a difference to our weight, height, posture and even the rate at which we age. With the help of volunteers and scientists, Jim sets out to find where in Britain gravity is weakest and so where we weigh the least. He also helps design a smartphone app that volunteers use to demonstrate how gravity affects time and makes us age at slightly different rates.

Finally, Jim discovers that, despite incredible progress, gravity still has many secrets to unveil.

Wednesday 29 March



Holding Back The Years

As he approaches sixty Ainsley shows viewers some great reasons to be cheerful about getting older by revisiting the area he grew up in, Wandsworth in south London.

Ainsley commandeers his own Routemaster bus to tour the area, which is driven by one of London’s oldest bus drivers, and gets words of wisdom from other passengers who’ve already passed the big six-O. Ainsley returns to the house he grew up in with his lifelong best friend and he visits a thriving community centre in London. Plus he meets a very special lady, one hundred year old Helen Clare, who made a name for herself a singer during the Second World War. Ainsley takes Helen on a very special journey back to the London hotel she first sang in over 70 years ago and where he has arranged a surprise for her.



Stargazing Live

Stargazing Live is back for a second night of spectacular views from Australia. Join Professor Brian Cox and Dara O Briain live as they complete another long night under the stars down under, and watch the glorious stars of the southern sky gradually twinkle away to reveal the coming dawn.

Australian astronomer Greg Quicke will be revealing more ancient tales from the indigenous astronomers of Australia, explaining why the moon looks upside down in Australia, and showing us the remarkable link between the moon and the Great Barrier Reef. Meanwhile Liz Bonnin discovers that the whole of Australia is on the move - which doesn’t help GPS users one bit.

One lucky group of viewers will show off the results of their chance to take over one of the hi-tech telescopes at Siding Spring, while our hidden cameras will reveal some of the wildlife with whom Brian and Dara are sharing the mountain top. Plus, we’ll hear from some of the astronomers who live here on how they cope with the threat of scorching heat, venomous beasties and catastrophic bush fires.

From their remote mountain top at the world famous Siding Spring Observatory, Brian and Dara once again bring us unprecedented views of the glorious Milky Way. And shining brightly among all those stars will be tonight’s special treats - perfectly positioned planets, including an unbeatable view of Saturn. Due to a quirk in planetary alignments, this will be a view that no-one in the UK will enjoy for another decade. Fully lit by the sun, with its rings proudly on display, we’ll be getting the best possible views of the planet thanks to the colossal telescopes at the site.

Pictured: Stargazing Live’s Greg Quicke meets coral expert Dr Greg Torda of the Australian Institute of Marine Science.



Brian Pern: A Tribute

Following the sudden death of Brian Pern, BBC Four pays tribute to the man who invented world music, pioneered pop/prog rock and plasticine in videos in this special one off documentary presented by the award winning film maker Rhys Thomas OBE.

This exclusive programme features Brian’s final prophetic interview, which has never been transmitted before as well as the true story behind his untimely death and the making of his last album Heaven Calling released just 271 days after his 66th birthday .

His friends, lovers and fans speak candidly about Brian’s life and work in this poignant documentary and discuss what the future holds as the remaining members of Thotch plan a tribute concert at the Royal Albert Hall in Brian’s name to raise money for Segway Awareness.



Postman Pat: SDS

It’s a snowy day in Greendale, and Ted Glen has invited the kids to his workshop to meet his friend, space expert Professor Farrow. Julian’s excited, but so is Pat, who has always yearned to be an astronaut. He’s even more thrilled when he finds that his special delivery is a space suit - an extra surprise for the kids.

When his van breaks down in a snowy lane, he finds an ingenious solution - only to suffer a puncture - and Ted is unable to help.

Meanwhile, Professor Farrow and Lauren take the kids out into the snow and re-create the surface of the moon. Pat’s determined to make his delivery, but how will he make it on foot through the snow?

As the kids perfect their snowy 'moon', a space-suited figure approaches - Pat in the space suit. Mission Accomplished!

Thursday 30 March



Holding Back The Years

Arlene Phillips returns to her home city of Manchester as she meets people who are determined to live life to the full whatever their age. For them holding back the years means being heard, being seen and being fabulous!

Arlene tries indoor skydiving with the Growing Old Disgracefully ladies who say yes to almost anything! She goes into the operating theatre of one of Cheshire’s leading cosmetic surgeons and meets a patient in her sixties considering going under the knife. Plus she talks to 71-year old Jenny-Anne Bishop, OBE, a transgender woman who left it late in life to make the full transition to being a woman. Arlene also retraces her steps to when she first moved to London and meets businesswoman and former model Debbie Moore to hear how even in her seventies she defies ageism as she heads the iconic Pineapple Dance Studios.


In the vastness of the Pacific lies the Galapagos, one of the greatest treasures of the natural world and a biological wonderland.

Located on the equator, it’s a spectacular archipelago where evolution has proceeded at an extraordinary pace. But these islands are changing and this tropical paradise is under threat as our climate changes faster than ever before. In a brand new three-part BBC One series, Liz Bonnin and a team of world-renowned scientists assemble for Mission Galapagos, one of the most ambitious scientific expeditions ever attempted in this remote archipelago.

In episode one, Cauldron Of Life, Liz Bonnin joins a scientific team aboard the research vessel the Alucia on an expedition across the Galapagos Archipelago.

The journey begins on the Galapagos’ west side at the youngest and most volcanically active islands in the archipelago, Isabela and Fernandina, home to a richly diverse wildlife scene.  Here, Liz and the team journey into the clouds above ‘Wolf’, the tallest volcano in the Galapagos, where they join a group of biologists hunting for the rarest of species: the elusive and bizarre pink iguana, which teeters on the edge of extinction.  But how and why did it come to live on the top of a volcano?  

Back on the research vessel, Liz boards Alucia’s Triton submersible to descend a kilometre, the deepest anyone has ever dived on the Galapagos Islands, into the ocean abyss in search of a new species hiding in the darkness.  Liz also travels to one of the most remote locations in the Galapagos, Alcedo Volcano, in search of the largest population of giant tortoises. Plagued by drought in recent months, scientists are keen to find out how this prehistoric species has fared.

Finally, Liz helps out with a ground-breaking science experiment to x-ray marine iguanas that have so far stunned the scientific community with a new mutation. As with all life on these remote islands, the key to survival is adaptation.



Stargazing Live Australia

Join Professor Brian Cox and Dara O Briain live from Australia, as they complete their three-night mission to bring you the most glorious sights of the southern night sky.

From their remote mountain top beside the vast Warrumbungle National Park, Brian and Dara will be sharing another night of beautiful views, wandering kangaroos and spectacular landscapes. In the company of Liz Bonnin and with Australian outback-astronomer Greg Quicke as their guide to the southern sky, they’ll be revealing how the apparently monochrome sky at night is in fact a riot of glorious colour. From vast clouds of glowing hydrogen, to glittering multicolour stars and the alien landscapes of distant planets, we’ll reveal the universe in all its glory.

Brian and Dara will also reveal how Australia, from its position facing the heart of our Milky Way galaxy, is on the front line when it comes to protecting our planet, whether it be from the threat of a giant asteroid impact, or from contact with alien life. Liz Bonnin will demonstrate how telescopes here on the mountain-top help us to track threatening asteroids 24 hours a day, and will reveal how the Australian outback contains secrets that NASA hopes will lead it to alien life on Mars.

Finally, Brian and Dara will reveal whether our viewers have managed to find the planet missing from our solar system.

Pictured: Liz Bonnin with Professor Martin Van Kranendonk of the University of New South Wales, exploring Australia’s Mars-like Pilbara desert in search of ancient life forms.

The Last Kingdom

Betrayed by Guthred and condemned to a life of slavery, Uhtred and Halig, along with fellow slave Finan, are forced to row endlessly on a trader ship.

Meanwhile, in order to gain their allegiance, Guthred welcomes Aelfric and the savage Dane brothers Erik and Sigefrid into Eoferwic,- a reward for dispatching Uhtred. But when a dispute in the terms threatens to jeopardise the agreement, Guthred offers Gisela as a peace offering. but will she comply?

Having been released from imprisonment by Alfred, Ragnar and Brida are given instruction to rescue Uhtred. Accompanied by Saxon warrior Steapa, Ragnar and Hild set off in search of the slave ship. But, with the conditions at sea worsening, will they be able to find Uhtred and Halig in time?

As Ragnar travels north to confront the men who sold Uhtred into slavery, he discovers that Guthred is steadily losing control of his power. Erik and Sigefrid have failed to defeat Kjartan and are still at large in the north setting up a stronghold at York once more.

Meanwhile in Wessex, Alfred seeks to further his influence over Mercia by arranging a marriage for his daughter Aethelflaed.

Pictured: Gisela (Peri Baumeister)



Just a Couple

Shav feels undervalued by Mark’s reluctance to go public with their relationship, while Mark doesn’t understand why she needs to show off on social media.

Cue Shav taking matters into her own hands, with the help of a nearby Instagram model...

BBC Three sitcom about a millennial couple, available on BBC Three's YouTube channel and BBC Three's website only.

Friday 31 March



Holding Back The Years

Bill Turnbull retraces his youth, back to his student days in Edinburgh. He meets the incredible pensioners involved in a unique experiment that dates back to the 1940s and how the results it is producing today could help the scientific breakthroughs of tomorrow.

He’s given privileged access to a virtual hospital where its team monitor and treat patients sometimes hundreds of miles away from a central HQ. Plus Bill looks at the ways to fight the aging process from the physical with gym believers, to mediation through yoga, to the mechanical, with the latest in the big business that is mobility scooters.




On the day that Teletubbies celebrates the 20th anniversary of the very first time the ground-breaking pre-school series was shown on TV, CBeebies is showing a brand new episode, Sliding Down, which introduces the Teletubbies’ new 'Tubby Slidey'.

The Tubby Car takes the Teletubbies to the Hidey Hup where they discover the Tubby Slidey. Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po have great fun sliding down again and again.

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