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Saturday 14 May



The Brownlees: An Olympic Story

Brothers Alistair and Jonny Brownlee are the most loyal of friends - and yet the toughest of rivals.

They have the capability of bringing the best - and at times the worst - out of each other. In Rio 2016, Alistair will aim to become the first triathlete to successfully defend their Olympic title, while younger brother Jonny’s target is to improve on the bronze medal he earned at London 2012.

In the build-up to the Games, BBC Sport journalist Tom Fordyce explores the brothers’ relationship as he looks in to what it is that makes them so unique, and their achievements so extraordinary.

Women's FA Cup Final

Jacqui Oatley presents live coverage from Wembley of the Women’s FA Cup Final between Chelsea Ladies and Arsenal Ladies.

Chelsea are the holders after winning the first Wembley final last year. South Korean international Ji So-yun scored the only goal against Notts County as The Blues lifted the trophy for the first time in their history. They now boast arguably the most potent attack in the domestic game, featuring England internationals Fran Kirby, Gemma Davison, Eniola Aluko and Karen Carney alongside Ji.

Arsenal have won this competition more than any other side, laying their hands on the FA Cup for the 13th time two years ago. Veteran Kelly Smith scored in that final against Everton, and is part of an experienced squad featuring former Chelsea players Casey Stoney and Fara Williams.

It’s the first time these clubs have met in the final and it promises to be a keenly fought encounter between familiar foes. Commentary will be provided by Jonathan Pearce and Sue Smith.

Eurovision 2016 - Grand Final

Hosted by Måns Zelmerlöw and Petra Mede and broadcast live on BBC One and BBC Radio 2, the qualifying acts from the semi-finals will join hosts Sweden plus the ‘Big 5’ countries France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom in the grand final of the 61st Eurovision Song Contest, from the Globe Arena in Stockholm.

Following the artists parade and an introduction from the hosts, the show will begin as 26 acts take to the stage in a bid for Eurovision glory.

Graham Norton will provide the commentary on BBC One for Europe’s biggest party night of the year.

Voting procedure
A brand new voting system is being introduced for 2016.

After viewers have cast their votes, each national spokesperson from the 42 participating countries will be called in to present the points of their professional jury, who watched the Friday night Jury Final performances.

After the presentation of the scores from the juries, the televoting points from all participating countries will be combined, providing one score for each song. These televoting results will then be announced by the host, starting with the country receiving the fewest points from the public and ending with the country that received the highest number of points, building towards a guaranteed climax.

More details regarding the voting procedure can be found at



This Week's World

This Week’s World, presented by Emily Maitlis, is a major new Saturday current affairs programme for BBC Two.

It brings audiences in-depth analysis of topical world issues. Each week, this magazine show will dissect one current global problem that affects ordinary lives. From energy to the economy and global living standards, to social movements, conflicts, or diplomatic tensions, This Week’s World will help viewers to understand the impact on the world and possible solutions. It features interviews and debate with those in the know as well as international reporting and engaging graphics, including animated explainers.

Episode 1: Solving the world’s refugee crisis
Globally, 60 million people are now displaced by wars, more than at any time since World War II. But how can the broken international humanitarian system be fixed? We report from the world’s biggest refugee camp and Emily Maitlis speaks one-on-one with the leaders who now promise new solutions - like World Bank President Jim Yong Kim and IRC President David Miliband.

Attenborough's Passion Project: Lost Worlds, Vanished Lives

The third of four specials selected by Sir David Attenborough from his back catalogue. In a number of specially shot interviews, David introduces extracts from the series Lost Worlds, Vanished Lives, first shown in 1989.

Starting when he was a young boy, one of Sir David Attenborough’s life-long passions has been fossils – the records of long lost animals of a different era.

Showcasing the world’s major fossil sites, in this film he reveals ancient sea creatures, sabre-toothed predators and immense dinosaurs.

Ground-breaking for its time and still as relevant now, David explores how fossils fire the imagination and can reveal not just the lives of long extinct animals, from gentle giants like the brachiosaurs, to the greatest predators ever to roam the Earth, Tyranosaurs, but also the world they lived in.

Attenborough's Passion Project: Darwin's Tree Of Life

In the last of these specials from Sir David Attenborough's back catalogue, David introduces a very personal film he made in 2009 - the bicentenary of Darwin's birth - about the life work and thesis of one of the greatest heroes of science and natural history.

David goes back to his roots, starting his journey in Darwin's home in Kent - where Darwin puzzled over the origins of life - then returns to Leicestershire, where he hunted for fossils as a child and where another schoolboy unearthed a significant find in the 1950s. David then revisits Cambridge University - where both he and Darwin studied, and where many years later, the DNA double helix was discovered, providing the foundations for genetics.

At the end of his journey in the Natural History Museum in London, David concludes that Darwin's great insight revolutionised the way in which we see the world.

Sunday 15 May



Pentecost - Live Worship

Liverpool Cathedral hosts a live service to mark the festival of the Pentecost.

The festival traditionally celebrates the birthday of the Christian Church, marking the moment when the Holy Spirit came to earth. Leading the service will be the Dean of Liverpool, The Very Reverend Dr Pete Wilcox, with the sermon preached by the Bishop of Liverpool, The Right Reverend Paul Bayes.

To mark the festivities a combined cathedral choir of boys, girls and men will be joined by the congregation of around 800 people to sing a variety of traditional hymns, including well known classics such as Come Down O Love Divine and Father, Lord Of All Creation, in a celebration of this landmark event in the Christian calendar.


Following the death of Rudy’s alibi witness, Maya’s case is in tatters and her cards seem all played out. Can she find the strength for the final fight and change the course of US Justice?

And what does that mean in her fight to ‘go big’? Meanwhile, Nick attempts a final shot at redemption.


Football: Match Of The Day

Gary Lineker presents highlights from all 10 matches on the final day of a Premier League season, that has been one of the most memorable campaigns in the competition’s history.

Leicester travel to Chelsea, Tottenham are away to Newcastle, Arsenal take on Aston Villa, Everton play Norwich, Man United face Bournemouth and Southampton host Crystal Palace. Stoke welcome West Ham, Swansea play Man City, Watford face Sunderland, while West Brom are in action against Liverpool.



Louis Theroux: A Different Brain

An estimated one million people in the UK are living with the long-term effects of a brain injury. In A Different Brain, Louis takes a look at the issues that some of them have to deal with.

Louis spends time with staff and service users at the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust, one of the UK’s largest providers of neuro-behavioural rehabilitation, in an effort to understand how individuals and their families come to terms with this life-changing condition.

Often called a 'hidden disability’ because those affected can show little physical signs of change, individuals with Acquired Brain Injury face enormous cognitive, behavioural and personality challenges. Those affected are left to reconstruct who they are - from relearning the basics of walking, talking and eating, to redeveloping complex personality and behavioural traits, often in the shadow of who they once were. Family members are often caught between grieving for the loved one they’ve lost and learning to love the person they are now.



Stupid Man Smart Phone

Russell’s in the Costa Rican jungle with YouTube singing superstar Conor Maynard for the most foolhardy mission yet, with just their mobile phone to help them survive.

The Maleku tribe set the mission, which would be easy if it wasn’t for deadly bullet ants, giant abseils and fast river crossings. Oh, and the fact that, for this task, internet reception rarely gets above one bar. Battling humidity and monsoon, the lads will have to convert their phones into multi-tools - using their backlights to attract grasshoppers for dinner - and rely on the inbuilt compass to navigate them safely back to civilisation.



BBC Young Musician 2016 - Final

The final of BBC Young Musician 2016, recorded at the Barbican, London. Presented by Clemency Burton-Hill, Alison Balsom and Josie D’Arby.

Three instrumentalists remain in the UK's leading contest for young classical musicians. Recorded earlier in the day at the Barbican, the finalists perform concertos of their choice - accompanied by the BBC Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Mark Wigglesworth - before the winner of BBC Young Musician 2016 is announced.

There will also be a guest appearance by the winner of BBC Young Musician 2014, pianist Martin James Bartlett who will perform the first movement of Prokofiev’s Piano Concerto no.3.

Violinist and former BBC Young Musician Nicola Benedetti continues in her role as Ambassador in 2016, mentoring the three finalists in the run-up to the Final.

The Silk Road

In the last episode, Sam continues his journey west in Iran, a country which until recently has been closed to the West and still provokes both fear and fascination in equal measure.

Here Sam travels the southern branch of the Silk Road that linked India and the Persian Gulf to Istanbul and Venice. From the legendary city of Persepolis (heart of the first Persian empire), Sam follows the ancient Caravan route through Persia’s deserts to a temple where a holy fire has burned for 1,500 years; navigates the tangled maze of Esfahan’s magical bazaars…and wanders the alleyways of the city of wind catchers - Yazd.

From Iran, Sam travels onwards to Istanbul, where he discovers that wearing purple silk in ancient Byzantium was punishable by death, and how Marco Polo’s father and uncle embarked from here on an epic journey that would change Europe’s fortunes forever.

Sam's last stop on his Silk Road story takes him full-circle back to Venice where he began his journey. Visiting Marco Polo’s house, Sam reminds us how the great traveller’s book demonstrated the possibilities of travelling to the East, putting Central Asia, India and China on the western medieval map.

Like Marco Polo, Sam has also created a Silk Road travel book; a journal that he’s filled with photographs of artefacts, places and faces that he’s encountered on his extraordinary journey. The one constant that has travelled with Sam along his 5,000 mile journey is the human need to make connections. Trade in products, ideas and technologies has been an enduring impetus for human progress across the world. The key to the success of the Silk Road is its world-changing legacy as the shaper of civilisations.

Monday 16 May




Phil does his best to support Peggy.

Ian makes a big decision about his family’s future.

Martin and Stacey prepare for their wedding.

Phil is played by Steve McFadden, Peggy by Barbara Windsor, Ian by Adam Woodyatt, Martin by James Bye and Stacey by Lacey Turner.

I Want My Wife Back

In the penultimate episode Bex moves in with her sister - just as Murray arrives with some news: he has quit his job in order to focus on their marriage. But he is quickly disappointed by Bex’s response.

A downbeat Murray goes back to work where Emma voices her sadness that he is leaving. She invites him out for drinks with the team, but at the pub Murray finds himself alone with Emma. Meanwhile, Bex arrives home to make amends with Murray but Grant answers the door and lets slip that Murray is out with Emma.

The following morning, Murray wakes up in Emma’s flat with a sore head and totally naked. He has no memory of what’s happened and leaves after an embarrassing encounter.

Don and Paula come up with a cunning plan to reunite Murray and Bex - but it backfires, and the pair end up arguing over who should keep Barney the dog. A triumphant Murray leaves with Barney, but quickly loses him. After calling Bex they desperately search for Barney, but with no sign of the dog they are forced to give up the search.

They return to the car to find Barney there, as happy as Larry. But will their reunion with Barney be enough to reunite them as a couple?



Swimming: European Championships

Helen Skelton presents live coverage from the European Aquatics Championships at the London Aquatics Centre.

It is the first time Great Britain has hosted the event since 1993 and home swimmers will be confident of picking up a host of medals. After a record-breaking performance at the World Championships last year, this will be their biggest meet before the Rio Olympics.

Gold medal favourite Adam Peaty will be looking to lay down a marker – he is in action tonight in the 100m breaststroke semi-finals. Medals will be decided in four events, including the men’s 400m freestyle and the women’s 400m individual medley.

Expert analysis comes from double Olympic gold medallist Becky Adlington and former world champion Mark Foster.

Coverage continues on BBC Two between 6.30pm to 8pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Upstart Crow: The Play’s The Thing

David Mitchell stars as William Shakespeare, trying to make his name as a playwright in Tudor London. In episode two, just when Will’s controversial new play is about to be presented to Queen Elizabeth, it goes missing.

Upstart Crow focuses on both Will’s family and professional life and includes the surprising stories of where many of his ideas came from. Also featured are his wife Anne and his extended family, his servant Bottom, his friends Kate and Marlowe, his theatrical troupe and his rival Robert Greene.

In episode two, just when Will’s controversial new play is about to be presented to Queen Elizabeth, it goes missing. As the finger of suspicion points to his best friend Marlowe, can Will come up with a way to recover his stolen masterpiece? Given its politically sensitive content, is he really wise to want it back?

Upstart Crow stars Harry Enfield as Will’s dad, John Shakespeare; Paula Wilcox as Will’s mum, Mary Arden; Liza Tarbuck as Anne Hathaway; Helen Monks as Will’s daughter Susannah; Gemma Whelan as Kate; Mark Heap as Sir Robert Greene, Will’s nemesis; Steve Speirs as Burbage; Tim Downie as Marlowe; Dominic Coleman as Kempleton; Spencer Jones as a member of Burbage’s company; and Rob Rouse as Bottom.
Upstart Crow is part of the BBC’s Shakespeare Festival 2016.

Pictured: Marlowe (Tim Downie) Will Shakespeare (David Mitchell)

Tuesday 17 May



In The Club

With Diane worried about baby Hope’s development, Rick offers to hold the fort while she takes Hope to her assessment. But when Rick is left on his own with a house full of babies things go terribly wrong - and the future for Diane and Rick is thrown into question.

It’s payday for Shelly, as she goes into labour and finds herself faced with the reality of what she’s signed up for. When an excited Andrew and Nathan arrive it’s chaos in the delivery room, and with the arrival of their son fast approaching, all eyes are on Shelly - will she be able to hand over her baby?

Meanwhile an anxious Jasmin and Dev head to the hospital to find out if the laser procedure has worked. But Jasmin’s not felt any movement from the twins for the past few days… will there still be two heartbeats?

Leicester’s Impossible Dream: Gary Lineker’s Story Of The 2015/16 Premier League

Gary Lineker looks back on the 2015/16 Premier League season, and charts the incredible story of Leicester’s unprecedented title success.




Old School with the Hairy Bikers

The Hairy Bikers are four weeks into their most ambitious project yet - an intergenerational experiment which will pair 12 teenagers with 12 pensioners for one term in a struggling school, to see if the resulting partnerships can benefit both groups.

After an initially promising start, rifts have started to open up in the partnerships and the project is in jeopardy: the teenage partners think the senior partners aren't listening to them, and they’re not happy. With an oral English exam pending for the Year 11 students we meet Marlon, Charisma, Bethany and Chloe, who all want to practice their speaking and listening skills. Marlon’s partner is 65 year-old Vic, who offers for the Senior Partners to help in a mock exam, but tensions soon run high when Vic’s line of questions offends the students - and Chloe walks out.

Keen to tackle the growing ill-feeling, 13 year-old Kyrone has an idea for everyone to come together and air their concerns in a joint meeting. Impressed by his peace-making approach, Si and Dave are keen for Kyrone to chair the meeting himself to try resolve the issues. Meanwhile, 13 year-old Kimberly comes up with the idea of an Intergenerational Games, where old and young get active and enjoy themselves - with Kimberly excelling in the role of host and chief organiser.

Old School with the Hairy Bikers is produced in partnership with The Open University. It is part of the BBC’s volunteering season Do Something Great



Black Power: America’s Armed Resistance

Filmmaker Dan Murdoch spent last summer documenting clashes between a resurgent Ku Klux Klan and a growing Black Power movement.

Now, in a follow up to KKK: The Fight For White Supremacy, he returns to America to revisit some of the people he met from the KKK and also to meet members of the Black Liberation Movement, to find out what black power means, what their motivations are and why their movement seems to be gaining traction.

With rare access to members of the Black Liberation Movement, Murdoch quickly finds himself in the midst of an armed black militia, who, outraged at the treatment of black people at the hands of police, are patrolling the streets of their communities and calling for change.



Zoo Quest In Colour

Thanks to a recent discovery in the BBC’s Natural History Unit’s vaults, BBC Four showcases Zoo Quest In Colour, uncovering extraordinary new-found colour film of the best of David Attenborough’s early Zoo Quest adventures - and with it the remarkable story of how this pioneering television series was made.

First broadcast in December 1954, Zoo Quest was one of the most popular television series of its time and launched the career of the young David Attenborough as a wildlife presenter. Zoo Quest completely changed how viewers saw the world, revealing wildlife and tribal communities that had never been seen or filmed before.

Broadcast 10 years before colour television was seen in the UK, Zoo Quest was thought to have been filmed in black and white - until now. Using this extraordinary new-found colour 16mm film, together with new behind-the-scenes stories from David Attenborough and cameraman Charles Lagus, this 90-minute special showcases the very best of Zoo Quest To West Africa, Zoo Quest To Guiana and Zoo Quest For A Dragon in stunning HD colour for the very first time!

David Attenborough says in the programme: “I was astonished when someone said we’ve got nearly all the film of the first three expeditions you did in colour. I said it’s impossible - we shot in black and white.”

Charles Lagus says in the programme: "I was absolutely staggered at the quality. At its best it's as good as any colour you see now… quite staggering for the period that it was filmed in."

Wednesday 18 May



Lose Weight For Love

Lose Weight For Love follows couples who are locked in a cycle of over-eating that threatens not only their health, but their relationship.

They are one another’s own worst enemy - each encouraging the other to over eat - and clinical psychologist Professor Tanya Byron believes it is only by separating and having therapy that they can address their underlying individual issues, change for good, and ultimately be happier again with one another.

In episode 1 we meet Becky and her partner Phil who are locked in a cycle of over-consumption that now threatens their relationship. Knocking back three litres of fizzy drinks a day, Phil’s weight has yo-yoed from 15 to 30 stone, twice, whilst Becky caves in to any takeaway temptation.

Clinical psychologist, professor Tanya Byron and her team - fitness expert Rick Shakes-Braithwaite and Paul Dolan, professor of behavioural science at LSE - separate them for ten weeks in a bid to overhaul their habits. Phil discovers he has life-threatening blood pressure and the realisation hits him that without change he won’t live to see his children grow up. While Rick guides Phil back to exercise to improve the health of his heart, Becky finds that the main thing getting in the way of sustaining her weight loss is a chronic lack of confidence. But half way through the programme, inexplicably Phil begins to resist the help. Tanya calls in behavioural scientist Professor Paul Dolan for radical mind-training.

Nature’s Epic Journeys

Nature’s Epic Journeys follows three iconic animals on three of the world’s most breathtaking wildlife adventures. Each must overcome immense obstacles, from challenging terrain to hungry predators and sheer physical exhaustion.

One hundred thousand caribou face starving bears and wolves, deadly frozen rivers and rugged mountains, as they undertake the world’s longest land migration - 5000 kilometres through the frozen Arctic wilderness of Canada and Alaska.

Liz Bonnin leads a team of scientists and film-makers and uses cutting-edge technology to follow the herd, and reveal unique insights into the individual lives of these extraordinary animals.

The caribou must reach their calving grounds before they give birth; failure would spell disaster.

Jimmy Hill : A Man For All Seasons

A moving tribute to the legend that was Jimmy Hill, who sadly passed away in December.

For generations of fans, including Gary Lineker, Mark Lawrenson , Alan Hansen and Gabby Logan, Jimmy was an authoritative voice as both a television presenter and analyst.

Contributors including Greg Dyke, Lord Hall, Sir Alex Ferguson, Peter Alliss and Terry Venables debate Jimmy's legacy, but all agree that he is probably best remembered for leading the campaign to abolish the maximum wage - revolutionising the careers and prospects of professional footballers in the early 1960s.

With an intimate portrayal of his life to the end, wife Bryony and son Jamie sum up the character behind one of the great innovators, a man ahead of his time with a personality that dominated his era, who gave so much to so many in all walks of life.

Director/Peter Small

FA Cup: The Road To Wembley

With the FA Cup final just days away, BBC Sport looks back at best of the stories and matches from the 135th edition of the famous competition that has produced its usual thrilling mix of shocks and classic encounters.

From Salford City’s heroics in the first round against Notts County, the holders Arsenal going out to Watford and West Ham’s dramatic win over Liverpool, it has once again proved itself as the most exciting domestic cup competition in the world.



Bodyhack: Metal Gear Man

In two parts, this powerful short-form documentary follows 25 year-old James Young as he tries to regain control of his body after a terrible accident - by becoming part Cyborg.

James tragically lost an arm and a leg when he was dragged on to the tracks between two carriages of the London DLR as it was pulling in. Despite his loss, James refuses to let it interrupt his life and love of travel and video games.

In a bizarre twist of fate, James receives a bionic arm from gaming company Konami, modelled on lead character Snake from Metal Gear Solid.

This moving story is told in a first person perspective including gaming footage and the use of innovative filming techniques with a new type of camera called a ‘dji osmo’.

Will Saunders, Creative Director of Digital BBC TV Production, says:"We don't have to adhere to durations or TV schedules for some of our storytelling on BBC Three now. We really hope the audiences who mass around Gaming content online will share as well as watch James's amazing story."

Part 1
Following his accident, the first short film sees James, an avid gamer, respond to an advert by gaming company Konami, who are looking for an amputee who is interested in wearing a futuristic prosthetic limb.

James, who has become extremely adept at playing games one-handed, is selected to have a bionic arm custom made for him by renowned prosthetics artist Sophie De Oliviera Barata and a team of engineers.

Sophie and James work together and take inspiration from the artist of Metal Gear Solid. The arm is bespoke for James and he is able to indulge his fantasies, adding his own drone, lighting which he can change to suit his mood, a laser, a torch, USB port to charge his phone, a sport watch and a bionic hand which will respond to messages sent by his muscles.

But being given a new body part is not a simple process, the arm seems to have a life of its own and not all his family is sure it is a good idea becoming part robot.

Part 2
After months of waiting, James receives his new arm and interest in the project with the media starts to grow; he is invited to be a key speaker in the first ever ‘Bodyhacking’ conference in Austin Texas. Bodyhacking is a new movement which is bringing scientist and technologist together to explore ways to optimize the body, from placing magnets in the body so you can open doors and turn on laptops, to tattoos that respond to your moods.

With the arm not quite working as it should James starts to wonder if technology is the answer to him finding his way in life again.

James discovers through the process is that it is not just about the tech, but the human connections which are going to help him regain control of his life.


Note to Editors

This is a BBC Studios Production for BBC Three.



Handmade On The Silk Road

The final episode, The Potter, is filmed in the Iranian town of Meybod, famous for its traditional ceramics production.

The desert soil of Iran lends itself to clay making and Iranian pottery has a long and distinguished history, dating back to at least the 8th century BC. Abdol Reza Aghaei was taught by his father Abbas Ali, a potter for over 70 years. Each day they travel to their workshop and diligently sculpt a vast array of everyday household objects.

This beautifully observed film follows Abdol and his father as they make a simple decorated water jug. From the clay making and moulding, to the painting, glazing and baking the clay, Abdol Reza and his father offer us a master class in the ancient art of Persian pottery. Competing with cheap Chinese imports they sometimes struggle to make a living, but they share a dedication to keeping their traditions alive. And with Abbas Ali teasing his son about who makes the best pots, the film also offers a touching, intimate portrait of two dedicated craftsmen at work.

Thursday 19 May




The Mitchell family mourn the loss of their beloved Peggy.

Bobby overhears a conversation and takes matters into his own hands.

Bobby is played by Eliot Carrington.

Paxman In Brussels: Who Really Rules Us?

Jeremy Paxman takes an impartial look at the fundamentals of what actually goes on between the UK and the EU, in this one-hour documentary. He travels to Brussels and walks the corridors of power in the EU’s headquarters, to discover how decisions that affect half a billion people - including all of us - are made.

Paxman meets both officials and politicians from elsewhere in the EU to discover what makes Brussels tick. In interviews and lively encounters he hears the full spectrum of opinion on whether the UK should remain within the union or leave. Back in Britain, he explores how our relationship with the European Union and its predecessors has shaped Westminster politics for decades. He reveals unexpected stories and talks to key figures of many political stripes and differing convictions on the EU.

Paxman explains the process by which laws made in the EU pass onto our statute books. And he examines why the concept of ‘sovereignty’ has long played a part in our national debate about Brussels. The programme reveals just how the decisions made in Brussels are now part of all our lives, and asks how our relationship with Europe might change - whatever the referendum outcome.

Paxman in Brussels: Who Really Rules Us? is one of a series of BBC Current Affairs documentaries that take an impartial look at different topics relating to the EU referendum.

In April Nick Robinson’s Europe: Them Or Us explored the turbulent history of the UK’s relationship with Europe, from the Common Market to the EEC and to the present-day EU.

In late May BBC’s Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg tackles the big questions at the heart of the debate in Britain & Europe: For Richer Or Poorer? and asks, would we be richer or poorer as a nation if we left?

In June, Mishal Husain’s The Truth About EU Migration looks at the effects of migration from other European Union countries to the UK.

The programme is being made by Brook Lapping, co-produced in partnership with The Open University.

The Truth About Dementia

Seventy-one year-old presenter and Alzheimer's ambassador Angela Rippon investigates the disease that took her mother’s life and is now starting to affect her friends.

Setting out to explore one of the great scientific challenges of our time, Angela will discover what the latest scientific research from around the world is revealing about dementia - of which the most common form is Alzheimer’s.

In the UK, figures show that there are 850,000 people living with dementia – and by 2050 it is projected to exceed 2 million*.

In this informative and personal film, Angela will undergo a series of tests to discover if she has any early signs of Dementia and makes the difficult decision of whether to take a genetic test that could predict her future risk.

Along the way, Angela finds out some of the surprising ways we can help to protect ourselves. She discovers why getting a good night’s sleep could help prevent Alzheimer’s and how learning a new language might be more effective than any current drug treatment.

Angela visits a number of people who are living with the disease and also families that carry a gene for early onset Alzheimer’s - to discover how they could be our best hope of finding a cure for this devastating disease.

* Source - Alzheimers Research UK



Peaky Blinders

Responding to the Italians’ actions, Tommy is set on a path of deadly vengeance that could take him to his darkest place yet, and threatens to splinter the family.

As Arthur struggles with his conscience, Linda implores him to stop his illicit work with the Peaky Blinders. Meanwhile, Polly realises the depths of her new friend’s intentions for her.

Tommy meets the true force behind his imminent mission: the fiercely uncompromising Grand Duchess Izabella. But he discovers there’s a traitor in his paymasters’ midst who could unravel the entire plan.

Pictured: Grand Duchess Izabella Petrovna (Dina Korzun)

The Women's Football Show

Jacqui Oatley is joined by England manager Mark Sampson and Rachel Brown-Finnis, as title contenders Chelsea and Manchester City go head to head in the WSL1.




Going Forward

Welcome to the Wilde family.

Mum Kim (Jo Brand) has burnt her nurse uniform, dad Dave (Omid Djalili) can’t understand the wage slip from his driving job, and son Max is missing school again to look after his daughter Poppy.

With Dave pondering a career move to Iraq, no money left in the money-jar and an unfinished house extension, it’s left to Kim’s sister, Jackie, to suggest a simple plan to sort things out. Also on hand is fellow chauffeur Terry with his own free life-tutoring course and a less than helpful view on everything.

With the car playing up and dog, baby and son in tow, Kim calls in the cavalry before outsource providers, Buccaneer 2000 (‘we care about your healthcare’) can find out and dock her pay.

Friday 20 May




Stacey and Martin’s wedding day has finally arrived, but will they get the wedding day of their dreams?

Things take a sinister turn for one family.

In the wake of Peggy’s death, Sharon does her best to help Phil - but will he accept her support?

Stacey is played by Lacey Turner, Martin by James Bye, Sharon by Letitia Dean and Phil by Steve McFadden.

Love, Nina

Nick Hornby’s fictionalised television adaptation of Nina Stibbe’s bestselling book, Love, Nina is a 5x30 minute series for BBC One. Twenty years old and from Leicester, Nina (Faye Marsay) moves to North London in 1982, to care for the two young boys of a working single mother, George (Helena Bonham Carter), the editor of a London literary review.

Nina (Faye Marsay) is interviewed by George (Helena Bonham Carter) and meets Max (Harry Webster) and Joe (Ethan Rouse) for the first time at Gloucester Crescent.



The Food Detectives

The final programme of the series sees Alice and a group of diners enjoy a culinary experience with a difference.

In this new field of scientific research, Sensory Gastronomy, the music, lighting and even the shape of the plates are changed throughout the meal to see what effect this has on perceptions of how the food tastes.

Tom reveals the secret to perfect roasties every time, along with another of his trade secrets - how to transform a simple piece of fish into something any professional chef would be proud of.

With the help of food scientists and a panel of taste testers, Sean investigates the ingredients in the great British banger. He wants to find out if supermarket own-brand basic sausages are ever as healthy and tasty as the expensive premium variety.


Brand new comedy from Bafta award-winning writer of Him And Her, Stefan Golaszewski, Mum is a subtle family sitcom seen through the eyes of Cathy (Lesley Manville, pictured) following year in her life as she moves on from the death of her husband.

Starting with the family gathering for the funeral in January and ending on New Year’s Eve, the story unfolds through the major and minor events of a year. It’s the story of a woman finding who she is again and maybe, if she could only see it, finding love second time around.

Episode Two - February 
It’s Cathy’s first Valentine’s day since she lost her husband. Her brother Derek comes round to keep her company, but his partner Pauline wishes that she was anywhere else. Her son, Jason, has some surprising news for her and when Michael turns up unannounced he's concerned to find that Cathy has received a Valentine’s card.

No Such Thing As The News

No Such Thing As The News is a topical, television-version of the award-winning QI podcast No Such Thing As A Fish.

Filmed in front of a live audience, No Such Thing As The News is fast, intelligent and witty television, unlike any other show about the week's events. It aims to do for the news what QI does for the universe at large: making the dull interesting, the obscure clear and the frightening comprehensible, with four young QI researchers - James Harkin, Andrew Hunter Murray, Anna Ptaszynski and Dan Schreiber.

Dubbed 'The QI Elves' by Stephen Fry they will be sharing the most interesting things they've discovered in the news that week. No Such Thing As The News is a fresh new way of delivering news to make viewers not just better informed but feeling better about the world afterwards as well.

Produced for BBC News by John Lloyd, creator of The News Quiz, Spitting Image, Blackadder and QI, and edited by Keith Blackmore, Managing Editor of BBC News & Current Affairs.

*In 110 weekly editions since its launch in 2014, No Such Thing As A Fish has been downloaded 25 million times and attracted 715,000 subscribers.



Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch

Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch set off on a road trip to the American Wild West, in the third episode.

First stop, a cowboy ranch in the Nevada dessert. At the ranch Matilda and her brother Jack, mum Tana and dad Gordon saddle up on horseback, learn how to ride horses like cowboys and get the chance to round up cattle - Wild West style.

While the rest of the Ramsay Bunch learn how to use a lasso, Matilda cooks lunch on a campfire: vegetable ratatouille parcels and shovel steaks – tasty!

Scream Street: Bottomless Pit

Mr Watson is trying to encourage Luke to tidy up after himself, but ends up doing it himself and accidentally hoovers up Doug’s pet worm Wilfred. The poltergeist bin men go on strike, and rubbish in Scream Street builds up rapidly.

On their parents' orders Luke, Cleo and Resus have to clear away some rubbish from their homes. They discover what seems to be a bottomless pit, and Luke, being Luke, chucks his rubbish down there. Otto spots a money-making opportunity and dumps toxic waste down the pit.

Meanwhile Doug is searching for his missing pet worm. When the gang go back to the pit they notice it is full with toxic waste barrels and they hear a strange munching sound coming from its depths. Turns out there’s a Tremors-style monster on the loose and it looks a lot like Doug’s Pet worm Wilfred!

Scream Street is voiced by Tyger Drew Honey, Tala Gouveia, Rasmus Hardiker, John Thomson, Debra Stephenson, Claire Skinner and Jim Howick.

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