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Saturday 28 December



F1 2013 - A Record Breaking Year

Suzi Perry and expert analysts Eddie Jordan and David Coulthard reflect on a 2013 Formula 1 season punctuated by controversies, tyre issues and the continued dominance of Sebastian Vettel.

The German became only the third driver to win four successive world titles, Mercedes enjoyed a renaissance in Lewis Hamilton’s first season with the team, but it was a bleak year for the famous names of McLaren and Williams.


Minos' health continues to fade as Pasiphae's scheming reaches its zenith. She sentences Ariadne to a gruesome execution not even the worst of enemies would deserve.

Now that the court’s loyalty is with the Queen, Jason is Ariadne’s last hope. He'll need all the help he can get if he and his friends are to save her life, but fortunately there are a few in Atlantis who remain loyal to the King.

As the series reaches a thrilling climax, the battle lines are drawn in Atlantis once and for all. But just as the odds seem stacked against Jason, a shocking revelation is made that exposes the past and changes the course of the future forever.

Death Comes To Pemberley

Following the inquest at which Wickham is found to be guilty of Captain Denny’s murder, his trial in Derby is now imminent. The strain of recent events has taken its toll on all at Pemberley.

Darcy is increasingly preoccupied with the advancing trial, and his part in coercing Georgiana to marry for duty has driven a wedge between him and Elizabeth.

Meanwhile, Wickham’s indiscretions and secrets are set to be revealed in court, and Elizabeth must break the news to Lydia before she hears it second hand. Meanwhile, Darcy worries that Wickham’s character flaws amount to a motive for the murder and this presents a dilemma about how he should handle the information at trial.

As the trial progresses, revelations come thick and fast. Darcy learns of Colonel Fitzwilliam’s involvement in Wickham’s affairs. Darcy is furious with Fitz and with himself as he realizes that his preoccupation with trying to save the reputation of Pemberley has threatened that which matters to him most – his family. Darcy reaches out to his sister and to Elizabeth and they face the outcome of the trial, united once more.

The trial draws to a close and Wickham’s fate looks sealed until a last-minute turn of events - but will it be enough to save Wickham from death by hanging?

Monday 30 December




Desperate to protect her sister, Ronnie decides enough is enough.

After receiving an unnerving invitation in the post, Mick decides to hide it from Linda.

Ronnie is played by Samantha Womack, Mick by Danny Dyer and Linda by Kellie Bright.

Mrs Brown's Boys New Years Special

The lead-up to New Year starts with some sad news as Maria discovers she has lost her Auntie Mary in a car accident. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Father Damien and grumpy new parish priest Father McBride announce that Mary’s pet parrot will need to be put down unless someone offers to take it in.

Meanwhile, Mark and Betty have decided that Bono is going to attend the infamous local school, St Stephen’s. Convinced that it will be too rough for her beloved grandson, Agnes does everything in her power to convince the couple to change their minds. But with Father McBride also determined to stand in her way, is this one battle that Mrs Brown simply isn’t going to win?

Luckily, Agnes has her New Year’s party planning to take her mind off things – if only people would stop turning down her invitations! Winnie’s off to visit Jacko; Mick’s organised a surprise getaway for Cathy; and Mark and Betty are heading to Donegal. Even Rory and Dino have to call off after Mrs Brown’s plan to turn Dino into a meat eater goes awry. It’s starting to looks like Agnes will be seeing in the bells on her own after all.

At least she and Winnie have some helium to keep their spirits high! Although before Agnes can start worrying about her balloons, there’s a rather more noxious gas causing her trouble…



Sacred Wonders Of Britain

In the first of a three-part series archeologist, historian and broadcaster Neil Oliver sets off in search of the Sacred Wonders Of Britain.

What was it about Britain's rich and varied landscape that inspired our ancestors to express their beliefs by reshaping the world around them? What did they see in our countryside that led them to deem some places more sacred than others and why are we still drawn back to those places today?

From the heart of its cities to the furthest reaches of its islands, Neil’s journey reveals the sacred face of Britain, an ancient landscape of belief and ritual that still lies hidden just below the surface of the modern world.

In this first episode, Neil goes in search of the very first stirrings of religion in Britain. In Nottinghamshire he discovers clues to a world of magic and ritual etched into the rock of Creswell Crags by Ice Age hunters.

In the south of England and on the Scottish borders, great tombs are evidence of ancestor worship among the first farmers of the Neolithic and an extraordinary discovery in Herefordshire reveals what really lies beneath their burial mounds.

In the flint mines of Grimes Graves in Norfolk he reveals how stone age miners carried their religion deep underground.

Then in the great stone circle and henge of Avebury and the extraordinary monuments of Orkney he discovers how a new age of belief swept away the old religions and changed Britain forever.

The Thirteenth Tale

Biographer Margaret Lea (Olivia Colman) is summoned to the home of formidable best-selling novelist Vida Winter (Vanessa Redgrave) who has handpicked Margaret to write her biography.

Margaret’s approach to a remote house through the bleak moors sets the tone for a tense first meeting with the ailing Vida who demands to know “What exactly makes you hesitate?” when Margaret appears reticent to take on the job of recounting Vida’s life story.

Margaret becomes powerless to refuse when a fascination with Vida’s untold story takes hold and the powerful theme of twins hits a nerve. The two women go on an extraordinary journey together back through the decades and Vida confides, for the first time, the secrets of a dark and unsettling childhood at Angelfield house, her ancestral home.

Margaret soon becomes absorbed in Vida’s compelling story, but each step takes her closer to the trauma of her own childhood, which she has spent her life running from. The tragedy she suffered as a young girl refuses to be ignored any longer and Margaret must face her ghosts.

Meanwhile, Vida’s disclosure of disturbing events that took place decades ago at Angelfield continues to both transfix and trouble Margaret, who wonders if she has unwittingly been privy to a dark confession. Time is short as Vida’s health deteriorates and Margaret, desperate to hear the end of the story, urgently hunts for answers, so that she can at long last tell The Thirteenth Tale.

Adapted by Oscar-winning screenwriter Christopher Hampton (Atonement, Dangerous Liaisons), directed by James Kent (Inside Men, The White Queen) and produced by David Heyman (Harry Potter, Gravity) and Norma Heyman (Mrs Henderson Presents, Dangerous Liaisons).

Robert Pugh plays John the Dig, Janet Amsden plays The Missus, Emily Beecham plays Isabelle Angelfield, Michael Jibson plays Charlie Angelfield, Madeleine Power plays young Emmeline/Adeline, Antonia Clarke plays teenage Emmeline, Sophie Turner plays teenage Vida /Adeline, Lizzie Hopley plays Theodora Mawsley, Tom Goodman-Hill plays Dr Mawsley, Steven Mackintosh plays Doctor Clifton, Alexandra Roach plays Hester Barrow, Adam Long plays Ambrose Proctor, Martin Wimbush plays Mr Clacy, Isabel Barlow plays young Margaret, Alice Barlow plays Moira and Gordon Winter plays Aurelius Love.

Tuesday 31 December




A protective Ronnie goes to extreme measures, but has she gone too far?

The Carters host a New Year’s Eve party at The Vic, but Mick is secretly struggling with a dilemma.

Ronnie is played by Samantha Womack and Mick by Danny Dyer.

Two Doors Down

Two Doors Down is a one-off comedy set in a chaotic New Year’s party thrown by Eric and Beth Baird as they count down to the bells in traditional Scottish style with their two sons Ian and Angus, Beth’s unpredictable sister Caroline and their Latimer Crescent neighbours.

Joining the Baird’s Hogmanay celebrations are aspirational friends Colin and Cathy; Norwegian neighbours Henning and Nina; Ian’s exuberant and outgoing partner Tony; and teenager Sophie, who’s been left home alone while her parents are away.

As friends and family gather, Eric and Beth hope the highlight of the night will be the return of their son, Angus, who’s currently serving in Iraq.

A lively evening is assured as drink flows, tempers fray, and Beth’s legendary steak pie comes out of the oven.

Written by Simon Carlyle (Benidorm, No Holds Bard), Two Doors Down stars Alex Norton as Eric, Arabella Weir as Beth, Ian by Kevin Guthrie, Angus by James Young, Caroline by Daniela Nardini, Colin by Jonathan Watson, Cathy by Doon MacKichan, Henning by Jefferson Hall, Nina by Zoe Harrison, Tony by Greg McHugh and Sophie by Sharon Rooney.



Tudor Monastery Farm Christmas Special

The Tudor Monastery Farm Christmas Special will see Ruth Goodman, Peter Ginn and Tom Pinfold explore the festive season, as it would have been celebrated under the reign of King Henry VII.

Today we think of Christmas as a relatively modern, post-Victorian celebration, but the Tudors took it very seriously indeed. For a start, they celebrated for the whole Twelve Days of Christmas, with many manorial rules stipulating that “villeins are to do no work” on the Lord’s land for the 12 days.

Christmas Day itself, rather than being the culmination of Christmas as it is now, was just the warm-up. The observance of Advent (a month of fasting) ended with Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve and kicked off 12 Days of non-stop feasting and merriment, which peaked on New Year’s Day and finally ended on Twelfth Night.

Ruth, Peter and Tom will concentrate on three of the big Christmas feast days, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and Twelfth Night. They will make Tudor decorations, engage in festive revels and prepare Christmas feasting delights such as Boar’s Head, Shred Pies (the fore-runners of Mince Pies, made with meat) and Christmas Pudding.

Along the way, they’ll turn their hands to falconry and archery; and make Tudor bagpipes, before discovering the Tudor origins of Christmas Carols, the singing of which was known as wassailing and discover the medieval forerunner of Father Christmas, the Lord of Misrule - traditionally a commoner placed in authority over his social betters for the festive period and tasked with directing the Christmas revelry - a figure so popular that even the King himself had one at Court.

Jools' Annual Hootenanny 2013/14

Joining Jools, for his 21st Annual Hootenanny, will be a host of musical stars from all walks of life, from the success stories of the last 12 months through to the hit makers from across the decades.

Classic British songwriter and leader of The Kinks, Ray Davies performs three of their classic sing-a-long numbers with Jools and his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra; one of the big success stories of 2013, East London outfit Rudimental will have you dancing your way into the New Year with three of their big songs from their best-selling debut LP ‘Home’ including ‘Feel The Love’ and ‘Waiting All Night’ - they will be joined by some of their guest vocalists including Ella Eyre and Emeli Sandé.

Also joining Jools and the Orchestra will be legendary singer with The Gap Band and recent Kanye West collaborator Charlie Wilson. He will be performing a couple of Gap Band classics including dance floor favourite ‘Oops Upside Your Head’ and ‘Outstanding’ plus his recent smash ‘There Goes My Baby’.

New soul star of the year, Birmingham’s Laura Mvula will be performing her hit single ‘Green Garden’ along with a Nina Simone classic.

From Lancashire, the soul voice that took the world by storm in the late 80s, Lisa Stansfield, will join Jools on a couple of numbers including her much loved song ‘All Around The World’.

From California, they were crowned ‘The Sound of 2013', sisters Este, Danielle and Alana, aka HAIM, with songs from their best-selling debut album ‘Days Are Gone’, plus their take on a Fleetwood Mac number.

Identical twin brothers Charlie and Craig Reid, aka The Proclaimers, will get the room and the nation singing along to their warm hearted anthems which were recently celebrated in UK film ‘Sunshine On Leith’.

Another new star that emerged in 2013, from Settle, Yorkshire, John Newman, will join Jools and the R&B Orchestra on his summer No 1 ‘Love Me Again’, along with a Ray Charles number; and also on the bill is Jamaican singer Dawn Penn who will perform her classic reggae tune ‘You Don't Love Me (No, No, No)’ as well as joining Madness saxophonist Lee Thompson on his Ska Orchestra’s latest tune ‘Bangarang 2’.

A success story all over the world, The Lumineers, who are based in Denver, Colorado, will be in the studio to perform tracks from their best-selling self-titled debut LP including one of the songs of the year in ‘Ho Hey’.

Concluding the line-up are former Spice Girl, Melanie C, who will join Jools & Orchestra on a couple of numbers including a Stevie Wonder classic along with soul singer extraordinaire Ruby Turner.

Add in reflections on the departing year and predictions for 2014 from an always interesting mix of talent from all over the UK, plus the Pipes & Drums of the 1st Battalion Scots Guards taking us into the New Year the traditional way and you have the kind of New Year's Eve party that you could only get courtesy of Mr Jools Holland.

Producers: Alison Howe, Mark Cooper / Director: Janet Fraser Crook.



Sir John Tavener Remembered

Tom Service presents a tribute to Sir John Tavener, one of Britain's greatest composers, who died earlier this year at the age of 69.

Through 40 years of BBC television archive, Tom traces the remarkable musical and spiritual odyssey of a man whose music found wide acclaim both inside and beyond the classical world.

From his evocative 'The Protecting Veil' and immensely popular setting of William Blake's poem 'The Lamb', to his 'Song of Athene' sung to overwhelming effect at the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales, John Tavener's music reflects the life of a man who saw music as a form of prayer, becoming one of the most unique and inspired voices in the music of our time.

Interviewees include John Rutter and Patricia Rozario.



Woolly And Tig Hogmanay Special

Woolly And Tig returns with a special episode in which Tig learns more about Hogmanay accompanied by her toy spider Woolly.

After Christmas, Tig goes to stay with her Granny. One morning Mummy tells her that today is Hogmanay, the last day of the year. Tig is sad there are no more days of the year left but Woolly explains that tomorrow will be the first day of a brand-new year when she can have summer and snowballs and Christmas all over again. Tig discovers the fun of Hogmanay and Woolly helps her make wishes for a brand new year. When Tig wakes on the night of Hogmanay, she joins Granny and her friends to see the New Year arrive and all her wishes come true.

Wednesday 1 January




Pushed to breaking point and with her life and her loved ones in danger, a panicked Ronnie takes matters in to her own hands, with serious consequences.

Meanwhile, Linda and Mick, unable to hide their opinions, make their daughter Nancy’s big day unforgettable.

Ronnie is played by Samantha Womack, Linda by Kellie Bright, Mick by Danny Dyer and Nancy by Maddy Hill.

Sherlock: The Empty Hearse

BBC One’s much praised, multi-award-winning drama Sherlock, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, returns for an eagerly awaited third series of three, 90-minute films – The Empty Hearse, The Sign Of Three and His Last Vow.

The contemporary re-imagining of the Arthur Conan Doyle classic, co-created by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, has caused a sensation since it first aired in the summer of 2010, the last series delivering an audience of more than 10 million viewers who have tuned in to watch Sherlock and John Watson navigate a maze of cryptic clues and lethal killers in three thrilling, action-packed adventures.

In episode one of this new series, two years after the devastating effects of The Reichenbach Fall, Dr John Watson has got on with his life. New horizons, romance and a comforting domestic future beckon. But, with London under threat of a huge terrorist attack, Sherlock Holmes is about to rise from the grave with all the theatricality that comes so naturally to him. It’s what his best friend wanted more than anything, but for John Watson it might well be a case of ‘be careful what you wish for’! If Sherlock thinks everything will be just as he left it though, he’s in for a very big surprise…

Benedict Cumberbatch returns as Sherlock Holmes, with Martin Freeman as John Watson, Mark Gatiss as Mycroft, Rupert Graves as Inspector Lestrade, Una Stubbs as Mrs Hudson, Amanda Abbington as Mary Morstan and Louise Brealey as Molly Hooper.

Match Of The Day

Gary Lineker presents highlights of the 10 New Year’s Day fixtures in the Premier League.

Manchester United and Tottenham met in a heavyweight clash at Old Trafford, while Arsenal hosted Cardiff and fellow title hopefuls Manchester City and Chelsea had tough trips to Swansea and Southampton respectively.



Final Score

Jason Mohammad introduces the comprehensive results service, with reports and interviews from the afternoon’s Premier League matches and other standout fixtures around the country.

Final Score can also be watched on the Red Button and BBC Sport website plus mobile, tablet and connected TV from 14:30.

Thursday 2 January



Mouse and Mole At Christmas Time

Mouse And Mole At Christmas Time (previously shown on CBeebies) is based on the original Mouse And Mole short stories which were written by Joyce Dunbar in the early Nineties.

Some of the books were previously brought to screen in 1996 by Joy Whitby (creator of Play School and Jackanory) and proved popular with adults and children alike because the charm of the stories lies in the endearing friendship of the two central characters and the humour of their exchanges.

This festive film is voiced by three of the country’s best-loved actors. Richard Briers and Alan Bennett play the key roles of Mouse and Mole and Imelda Staunton plays a meddling shrew, who wreaks havoc in their normally peaceful home. Between them, the three cast members also provide the voices for 14 other characters. The voice-over recordings were made a couple of years ago, before Richard Briers sadly passed away.

Mouse and Mole live together in a little cottage in the country. Mouse is practical and cheerful while Mole gets into scrapes and needs mollycoddling. In this Christmas episode, Mouse and Mole decide to give a Twelfth Night party. There is snow on the ground as they deliver the invitations to their animal friends. Mouse makes a ‘Snowmole’ for Mole which comes to life in a dream and takes him to a land where his every wish is granted.


Nancy’s presence at The Vic causes tension with the customers as well as within The Carter family.

Nancy is played by Maddy Hill.

Dolphins – Spy In The Pod

From spy dolphin to spy tuna and turtle, for the first time an underwater menagerie of spy creatures infiltrate the secret world of dolphins. Swimming alongside some of the most captivating and clever animals on the planet, these new spies are always on the move – catching the waves with surfing bottlenose dolphins and speeding with a megapod of spinner dolphins.

From the team at John Downer Productions that brought you the unforgettable Penguins – Spy In The Huddle, this is one of the nation’s favourite animals seen as never before.

John Downer says: “Unlike Penguin-cams, this time our spy creatures had to keep pace with fast-moving dolphins, often out in the deep ocean. The dolphins were very curious about their new neighbours and allowed them into their lives.”

A new two-part series, narrated by David Tennant, the series producer is John Downer and the producer is Rob Pilley.

Silent Witness: Commodity

Forensic Pathologist Dr. Nikki Alexander (Emilia Fox), Forensic Scientist Jack Hodgson (David Caves) and Forensic Lab Scientist Clarissa Mullery (Liz Carr) return to BBC One for Series 17 of Silent Witness, but this time there’s a new head of The Lyell Centre - Forensic Pathologist Dr. Thomas Chamberlain (Richard Lintern).

Chamberlain’s confidence and political nose make him a good choice to lead the Lyell Centre after the death of Leo Dalton, but his sudden arrival and new approach is met by a frosty reception from Nikki, Jack and Clarissa. It’s not long before his judgment is called into question, but how quickly will Thomas be able to prove his worth?

In the opening episode, Premiership footballer Isaac Dreyfus finds his days at the top are numbered when a sex tape links him to the brutal murder of a young woman, threatening to destroy his reputation and marriage. Dreyfus desperately fights to prove his innocence, while disillusioned Adam Freedman turns to a mysterious source for help to avenge the murder of his wife and child.

Nikki struggles to come to terms with Leo’s death following the arrival of the new Lyell Centre boss, pathologist Thomas Chamberlain. However, her feelings surface when DI John Leighton and DS Anne Burchett demand results in the two unsolved cases. When Nikki questions the motive behind the murders, a re-examination of the Freedman crime scene leads Jack to make a startling discovery.

Emilia Fox plays Dr. Nikki Alexander, David Caves plays Jack Hodgson, Richard Lintern plays Dr. Thomas Chamberlain, Liz Carr plays Clarissa Mullery, Hugo Becker plays Isaac Dreyfus, Adrian Rawlins play DI Leighton, Kaye Wragg plays DS Burchett, Ace Bhatti plays Mousa Rashid, Heida Reed plays Monica, David Fleeshman plays Jacob Ezra, Natalie Cruceru plays Zara, Elliot Levey plays Adam Freedman, Tim Dantay plays Ron McNally, Nitin Kundra plays Bazza Numan, Shane Zaza plays Sami Rashid, Shani Erez plays Ruth, Paul Marc David plays Benjamin, Alex Norton plays Preston and Lucy Horton-Jones plays Peridita Avery.



PQ17: An Arctic Convoy Disaster

From Russia to the freezing Arctic Ocean, Jeremy Clarkson tells the dramatic story of the Arctic Convoys of the Second World War.

Together with moving first-hand testimony from the men who served on these convoys, Clarkson reveals the incredible hazards faced by members of the Merchant and Royal Navy who delivered vital war supplies via the Arctic to the Soviet Union. They included temperatures of -50 degrees, huge icebergs, colossal waves, not to mention German U-boats and the Luftwaffe. It’s no wonder that Churchill described the Arctic Convoys as ‘the worst journey in the world'.

Between 1941 and 1945, more than 70 convoys delivered four million tonnes of material to the USSR, but one convoy would come to symbolise the dangers facing the men who served on them. Codenamed PQ17, the convoy of 35 merchant ships would be described by Churchill as one of the most 'melancholy naval episodes of the war'.

Retracing the route of PQ17 from the Arctic to the Russian winter port of Archangel, Clarkson reveals how this joint Anglo-American convoy became, on the night of July 4 1942, one of the biggest naval disasters of the 20th century. To make matters worse, the cause of the disaster lay not in the brutal conditions of the Arctic, or the military might of the Germans, but a misjudgement made in the corridors of the Admiralty in London.

Between 1941 and 1945, more than seventy convoys delivered 4 million tonnes of material to the USSR, but one convoy would come to symbolise the dangers facing the men who served on them. Codenamed PQ17, the convoy of 35 merchant ships would be described by Churchill as one of the most “melancholy naval episodes of the war.”

Retracing the route of PQ17 from the Arctic to the Russian winter port of Archangel, Clarkson reveals how this joint Anglo-American convoy became, on the night of July 4 1942, one of the biggest naval disasters of the 20th century. To make matters worse, the cause of the disaster lay not in the brutal conditions of the Arctic, or the military might of the Germans, but a misjudgement made in the corridors of the Admiralty in London.

Friday 3 January




Nancy’s revelation continues to cause shockwaves among The Carters.

Kat anxiously waits to hear some crucial news.

Nancy is played by Maddy Hill and Kat by Jessie Wallace.



Kangaroo Dundee

Love is in the air at the sanctuary, as we meet Tahnee – a woman who’s fallen for Brolga and his family of kangaroos.

A feral dog attack sees Brolga patrolling the fenceline to protect his mob and we follow him as he takes in a joey which has been abandoned by its mother.

Fellow kangaroo carer Anne Marie has to give a sorry looking joey a bath. As winter draws in at the sanctuary and the shack becomes overrun with mice, Brolga makes the life-changing decision to move out.

Idris Elba King Of Speed

Idris Elba’s journey into the world of speed and fast cars takes him to Europe, as he investigates how our motor sports are not just about speed but about precision driving. Idris learns how to be a rally driver, culminating in a near lethal ride on Finland’s most dangerous rally course.

Episode two sees Idris exploring the history of the rallying Mini, and gets to grips with the technology and skills needed to drive at a professional level. He also uncovers how the underground driving craze of drifting began in Japan has become the fastest-growing motorsport in Europe - and how a passion for skill and handling changed the way we Europeans race.

His understanding of the marriage of skill and speed complete, he finally fulfils his personal ambition to drive a full-spec rally car on a genuine Finnish rally course, with plenty of close calls on along the way.

James May's Toy Stories: The Motorcycle Diaries

In tonight’s high octane Toy Stories Special, James puts an iconic toy to the most ambitious test ever attempted. The challenge: to build a motorbike and side car entirely out of Meccano to take on the Isle of Man’s legendary TT circuit.

But designing a machine capable of carrying James and his passenger, wine expert Oz Clarke, around the daunting 37 mile course is not a task for the faint-hearted.

A mind-bending 15,000 pieces of Meccano must be assembled to create a full-size, road-legal motorcycle that James hopes will be more than a match for the treacherous twists and turns, steep climbs and dizzying descents of the world’s toughest race circuit.

And if that isn’t hard enough, as in the real TT, the bike must race against the clock.

It’s the ultimate test of man and machine. The challenge pushes this 100-year-old toy and its riders to the absolute limits. Breakdowns, crashes and unforgiving terrain vie with design genius, good humour and sheer grit to produce a nail-biting film which brings Meccano roaring back into the 21st century to inspire the inner child within us all.

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