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Saturday 21 January




Lloyd’s insistence on helping a patient inadvertently puts her in greater danger and Linda’s life is turned upside down when her drug addict sister and children turn up in Holby in Casualty: Trust.

When a female patient turns up in the ED with broken ribs and no memory of who she is, Lloyd pushes the team to do all that they can to uncover her identity. But as Lloyd pieces the clues together, could he accidentally be delivering her back into a dangerous situation that she was trying to escape in the first place?

Meanwhile, Linda stops a young girl from stealing from the hospital shop and is shocked to discover it’s her niece, Britney. She’s even more horrified to learn that her sister, Denise, is on the run from the police with her two children. When Denise tells her that they need somewhere to stay, just until they get back on their feet, Linda relents, until she discovers that Denise is still using drugs...

Michael Obiora stars as Lloyd, Christine Tremarco as Linda, Kate McEvoy as Denise and Devon Beigan as Britney.

Sunday 22 January



Olympic Dreams

Olympic Dreams highlights the hard work and dedication of our regions' sporting superstars on their journey towards the ultimate Olympic goal.

Across England, each region profiles some of the men and women hoping to represent their country at the Olympics and Paralympics in 2012 and shows the sacrifices they make in pursuit of their dreams. For some there is great joy as they qualify for the Games. For others there is bitter disappointment. The programmes also show how venues are getting ready to welcome competitors from all over the world.

The programme presenters are: West – Alistair Durden and Heather Fell; South – Tony Husband; Yorkshire – Tanya Arnold; East Yorkshire & Lincolnshire – John Inverdale; South East – Neil Bell; London – Sara Orchard; East – Gail Emms and Jonathan Park; North West – Stephen Parry; East Midlands – Colin Hazelden; West Midlands – Richie Woodhall; NE & Cumbria – Katie Gornall and Jeff Brown; and South West – Natalie Cornah.

Call The Midwife

As Jenny Lee settles into her role, there is a new arrival at Nonnatus House, Chummy

A welcome pair of extra hands, Chummy sets about showing her worth but an overwhelming keenness to please, and her inability to ride a bike, prove obstacles in gaining the respect of Sister Evangelina.

Meanwhile a chance encounter with Mary, a young pregnant runaway, forces Jenny to see an unfamiliar darker side of life.

Jenny is played by Jessica Raine, Sister Julienne by Jenny Agutter, Sister Evangelina by Pam Ferris, Sister Monica Joan by Judy Parfitt, Sister Bernadette by Laura Main, Chummy by Miranda Hart, Trixie by Helen George and Cynthia by Bryony Hannah.


Eddie Redmayne (My Week With Marilyn, Richard II) and Clemence Poesy (28 Days Later, Harry Potter) star as the passionate young lovers Stephen and Isabelle, brought together by love and torn apart by the First World War, in BBC One's adaptation of Sebastian Faulks's modern classic, Birdsong.

Adapted by Bafta award-winning Abi Morgan (The Hour, Iron Lady), the two parter spans the decade of the First World War, telling the story of Stephen Wraysford, a young Englishman who, in 1910, arrives in Amiens, Northern France, to stay with the Azaire family and falls desperately in love with Isabelle Azaire.

They begin an illicit and all-consuming affair, with huge consequences for them both. Years later in 1916, Stephen finds himself serving on the Western Front in the very area where he experienced his great love. As he battles amidst the horror of the trenches he meets Jack Firebrace, a tunneller who unexpectedly helps him endure the ravages of war and enables him to make peace with his feelings for Isabelle, who he is destined to meet again.

Eddie Redmayne stars as Stephen Wraysford, Clemence Poesy is Isabelle Azaire, Joseph Mawle is Jack Firebrace, Richard Madden is Weir, Laurent Lafitte is Rene Azaire, Matthew Goode is Captain Gray, Anthony Andrews is Colonel Barclay and Marie Josee Croze is Jeanne Fourmentier.



Classic Serial - The Spy

Written by James Fenimore Cooper and dramatised for radio by DJ Britton, The Spy is often regarded as the world's first espionage novel.

In creating Harvey Birch (played by Burn Gorman), a double agent during the American War of Independence, Cooper began the tradition of spy-as-hero, leading to the great genre novels of the late 19th and 20th centuries.

New York State, 1778. Henry Wharton, a young soldier for the British in the American War of Independence, creeps into no-man's land to spend an evening with his family. But the happy reunion is cut short when American troops surround the house. Can the mysterious peddler Harvey Birch, who lives nearby, really provide Henry with a means of escape?

The cast also includes Rose Leslie, Alex Waldmann, James Lailey and Francine Chamberlain.

Producer/Sasha Yevtushenko for the BBC

Monday 23 January




The Mitchells are left reeling when DCI Marsden arrives to inform them that they have now arrested Phil on suspicion of murder as a new witness has come forward with damning evidence to one of his previous crimes.

With Jane’s move imminent she starts to have doubts about the new life she has planned. Trying to stop her from leaving, Ian engineers a plan he hopes will make Jane realise that Walford is where she should be.

Meanwhile, Zainab puts a plan into action in the hope of getting Tamwar to speak but the family are stunned when he finally does.

Phil is played by Steve McFadden, Jane by Laurie Brett, Zainab by Nina Wadia and Tamwar by Himesh Patel.

Mrs Brown's Boys - Super Mammy

Agnes is feeling self-conscious about her weight after some less-than-flattering comments from her family. She decides to go on a diet but struggles to keep her resolve when she sees her favourite foods.

Rory meanwhile is in good spirits after securing a promotion as manager of the local hair salon. However he is immediately thrown in the deep end when he has to deal with a major staff incident. And as if that wasn’t stressful enough, boyfriend Dino is in a foul mood with him after being overlooked for the job.



How Sex Works

Once we’ve found a match, the game’s not over - the final episode of How Sex Works looks at the challenges facing those who have coupled up and those who haven’t.

Maintaining a relationship can, for some people, be as hard as finding one in the first place with the pressures of adult life bearing down. For others, sex turns from a thrill to a function - with babies on the agenda for one couple, the road to pregnancy is one set against the odds.

Travelling inside the human body, using CGI, the programme explores the physiological, neurological and psychological changes that happen before, during and after sex. How Sex Works probes how science not only explains what’s happening to our bodies at key sexual moments, but also how it can save the day when parts don’t work as they should.

Further down the line, a woman describes how the transition from young couple to family unit has come with growing pains of its own - as the desire for the thrills of a pre-family life drive them to seek pleasure outside of wedlock.

Ultimately, the function of sex is to procreate - the programme follows the epic struggle facing a solitary sperm that goes the distance and investigates what it takes to be the best out of millions.

How Sex Works is part of the Sex Season on BBC Three.



Storyville - Lust For Life: A Survivor's Story

Part of Storyville’s Survivors season, Lust For Life is a film about Heather Leach, a cheeky flame-haired documentary director. Based in London for 10 years, Heather was living life to the full. Then at the age of 30 she was suddenly diagnosed with a thyroid disease and, on top of that, cancer.

Heather’s diagnosis triggered a whole range of emotions, but more significantly, she began reconsidering the purpose of life. It forced her to stop and think about what really mattered. Six days after her diagnosis, the vibrant workaholic picked up her camera and started making this film.

Heather returned to her home town Rochdale. Over the next three years, as health problem followed health problem, she had to face up to growing poverty and an increasing dependence on her family. Suddenly she felt like a child again. But out of despair and depression she was finally able to face her mortality with intimacy, insight and fun. This is a film about the importance of really living our lives.



The Ministry of Curious Stuff

Vic Reeves and his team of inquisitive fact-finders are back in the Ministry of Curious Stuff – a fantastical depository of information where mysteries are solved and all manner of strange and wonderful questions are answered.

As the ringmaster of this magical, weird and unpredictable world, Vic's mission, along with his dim-witted assistant Captain Length-Width, is to provide answers to questions posed by CBBC viewers - no matter how curious those questions may be.

Discovering the answers to these questions is the launch pad for sketches, songs, animations and Vic's unique flights of fancy – with viewers discovering some amazing facts along the way.

Today, Vic and his team wonder whether anything can regenerate like Doctor Who, learn all about the world’s strangest languages and explore the chances of aliens living amongst us on earth.

Vic Reeves stars as himself, with Dan Renton Skinner as Captain Length-Width, Jack Carroll as Mr Frazernagle, Tyger Drew-Honey as Mr Lovett, Beth Rylance as Miss Tea Party and Rhyanna Alexander Davis as Miss Wannamaker.



Woman’s Hour Drama – The Painted Veil

First published in 1925 to a storm of protest, Somerset Maugham’s The Painted Veil is a haunting and poignant drama of a woman's spiritual awakening.

Kitty (Sarah Smart) has married for the wrong reasons. Living with her husband, Walter (Nicholas Farrell), in Hong Kong, she's in love with another man. When Walter discovers her infidelity he, in an act of vengeance, poses a terrible ultimatum.

The cast also includes James Nickerson and Chris Li. The Painted Veil is dramatised by Lizzie Nunnery.

Producer/Pauline Harris for the BBC

Tuesday 24 January




Witnessing the drama engulfing the Mitchell household, Derek seizes every opportunity he can to take control of the Mitchell Empire.

Aware that knowledge is power, Derek extracts information from the family one by one, before heading to see Phil but will Phil agree to Derek’s offer?

Jane relays her fears to Tanya about leaving Walford but when Tanya misinterprets this as Jane changing her mind about going, Jane can’t bring herself to break the bad news to her friend.

Ray returns to Walford determined to be part of Morgan’s life but Bianca is determined to do things on her own.

Derek is played by Jamie Foreman, Phil by Steve McFadden, Jane by Laurie Brett, Tanya by Jo Joyner, Ray by Chucky Venn and Bianca by Patsy Palmer.



Junior Doctors: Your Life In Their Hands

In the second series of the highly acclaimed show, BBC Three follows eight newly qualified junior doctors at the Chelsea and Westminster hospital in London as they embark on their foundation years in some of the busiest and most challenging departments.

The new recruits are Lucy, Priya, Andy, Aki, Milla and Sameer who have just qualified and are in their first foundation year. Ben and Amieth are new to the hospital too but have 12 months experience under their belt and are starting their second foundation year.

Andy starts his first shift on Trauma and Orthopaedics and he battles with taking blood from a patient. Milla finds herself thrown in at the deep-end with a night shift where she has the daunting responsibility of certifying her first death. Over in Accident and Emergency Amieth has to hit the ground running in order to keep up with the relentless pace of the emergencies.

Meanwhile in the Acute Admissions Unit Aki struggles with first day nerves and hospital protocol but gets the chance to prove himself when he is asked to assist with a complex procedure.

Elsewhere in the hospital Lucy’s skills are put to the test when she has to rush to the aid of a patient who has gone into peri-arrest. Finally, Milla and Amieth find themselves on the same crash team trying to save a patient following a cardiac arrest.

It’s a tough introduction to life as a doctor, and they have to learn fast.



Help! My Supply Teacher Is Magic

CBBC sends four of the UK’s hottest magicians into primary schools to trick and amaze the pupils. The magicians pretend to be supply teachers to deliver some surprising magical lessons to the unsuspecting pupils.

Presented by CBBC’s Iain Stirling, the show will also teach children how to do their own tricks to fool their friends and Iain will be counting down his five favourite ‘Wannabe Wizards’.

The audience at home will be able to join in with the ‘Interactive Illusion’ and members of the public better watch out for our magicians performing street magic in ‘Undercover Magic’.

In today's show Katherine gives a class a science lesson they will never forget as they move things with their mind and make books fly off the shelves; while John makes a teaching assistant mysteriously levitate. And for the ‘Trick of the Trade’ kids will need paper and a pen to learn a trick to amaze their mates.

Wednesday 25 January



The Crusades; Clash of the Titans

In the second episode of BBC Two's three-part series, Dr Thomas Asbridge offers a piercing examination of the Third Crusade and the two renowned figures who have come to embody Crusader war: Richard the Lionheart, king of England, and the mighty Muslim sultan Saladin, unifier of Islam. Drawing on fascinating eyewitness accounts and contemporary records, Dr Asbridge constructs an insightful and nuanced picture of these men and their fiercely fought struggle for the Holy Land.

Almost perfectly matched as adversaries, these two titans of holy war clashed during a year-long campaign that raged across Palestine. Both were willing to commit appalling atrocities in pursuit of victory. Each brought the full force of his military genius, guile and cunning to bear, all in pursuit of the ultimate prize: Jerusalem. Dr Asbridge reveals how this shattering conflict brought Saladin and Richard to their knees, even as it served to forge their legends.

Thursday 26 January




Derek’s plan to control the Mitchell’s businesses starts to unfold but when Shirley sees what he is doing she is furious and vows to see Phil to find out what is going on.

Lucy’s suspicions about Mandy deepen when she sees her receiving mysterious phone calls and she is determined to find out what she is up to.

Meanwhile, Jane still hasn’t told Tanya about her move but the decision is soon taken out of her hands when Masood blurts out the truth leaving Tanya angry.

Derek is played by Jamie Foreman, Shirley by Linda Henry, Phil by Steve McFadden, Lucy by Hetti Bywater, Jane by Laurie Brett, Tanya by Jo Joyner and Masood by Nitin Ganatra.



Putin, Russia and the West

In Democracy Threatens, the second episode of this four-part series about Putin, there's an extraordinary interview with retiring Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma. He admits to being Putin’s ally in swinging the Ukrainian election to Russia’s advantage and tells the inside story of the fixed elections of 2004.

The film explores how the popularity of the opposition candidate Victor Yushchenko grows after a mysterious poisoning attempt but also how the Putin-backed candidate is still declared the winner of the rigged election, sparking the Orange Revolution as opposition supporters occupy the main square.

Kremlin officials tell how they made sure that Putin wouldn’t suffer a similar defeat in Russia. A huge clampdown on human rights groups follows: critics of Putin, including the British ambassador, are intimidated and tens of thousands of young Russians are mobilised to fight the threat of democracy.



We'll Take Manhattan

We’ll Take Manhattan explores the explosive love affair between Sixties supermodel, Jean Shrimpton, and photographer, David Bailey.

Focusing on a wild and unpredictable 1962 Vogue photo shoot in New York, the drama brings to life the story of two young people falling in love, misbehaving and inadvertently defining the style of the Sixties along the way.

Set predominantly in 1962 but also exploring the story of how Bailey and Shrimpton first met, this one-off drama reveals how a young, visionary photographer refused to conform. He insisted on using the unconventional model Jean Shrimpton on an important photo shoot for British Vogue and, over the course of a freezing week in Manhattan, went against the wishes of fashion editor, Lady Clare Rendlesham, and made startling, original photographs.

We’ll Take Manhattan is the story of that wild week, of Bailey and Jean’s love affair, and of how two young people accidentally changed the world for ever.

Jean Shrimpton is played by Karen Gillan, David Bailey by Aneurin Barnard and Lady Clare Rendlesham by Helen McCrory.

Friday 27 January




Shirley finally manages to get Phil to see her but she is shocked when she realises he is aware of everything she has been trying to protect him from. Wanting to make amends, Shirley asks Phil what he wants her to do to make things right but his request isn’t easy.

It’s Jane’s last day in Walford and she is still upset about her argument with Tanya. Christian throws a surprise farewell party in The Vic but Tanya doesn’t show. Will the friends make up before Jane leaves Walford?

Meanwhile, Fat Boy realises that his feelings for Whitney are much stronger than hers are for him.

Shirley is played by Linda Henry, Phil by Steve McFadden, Jane by Laurie Brett, Tanya by Jo Joyner, Christian by John Partridge, Fat Boy by Ricky Norwood and Whitney by Shona McGarty.



How The Brits Rocked America: Go West

Cracking America has long been the benchmark of success for British musicians. From the pioneers of the 60s, through the high-grossing 70s, to the post punk-years with British music screened directly to American homes via MTV: we came, we saw, we conquered.

This series tells the story of the intercontinental exchange of musical ideas, of how the two nations have, and continue to, influence each others unique sound.

Featuring choice archive footage from The Beatles' iconic arrival in the US, through Cream, The Who and Led Zepellin live on the road through to the Sex Pistols last US gig in San Fransisco and Elvis Costello and the Attractions career boosting appearance on Saturday Night Live.

Also includes first-hand testimonies from artists across the decades talking about their experiences, from the pilgrim fathers of British rock including Sir Paul McCartney, Jimmy Page and Jack Bruce, to the latter day contenders to their throne, the likes of John Lydon, Robert Smith, Simon Le Bon and Adam Ant, who recall how they coped with the challenge of cracking the behemoth that is the US.



Tracy Beaker Returns

In today’s episode of the award-winning Tracy Beaker Returns, Tracy gets tangled up in Lily’s plan to reunite Poppy and Rosie with their dad.

Being back at the Dumping Ground as a care worker often means things get complicated for Tracy and today is no different. Understanding Lily’s desire to reunite her family leads Tracy to think with her heart not her head; the consequences force Lily to make some difficult choices.

Meanwhile, a stray three-legged dog attaches itself to Frank. But will it be able to stay at the Dumping Ground?

Starring Dani Harmer as Tracy Beaker.



The Verb

This week’s The Verb features the life and poetry of Peter Redgrove and a new commission from Jane Urquhart.

Peter Redgrove is considered one of the most important poets of the late twentieth century. His poems celebrate the natural world and the human condition and are known for their visual imagination. As a new edition of his collected poems is published, Redgrove’s biographer and editor Neil Roberts and the novelist Gerard Woodward discuss his life and work.

Jane Urquhart has written poetry, short fiction but is best known for her novels. One of Canada's leading authors, she reads a new story especially written for The Verb. She has won praise for the way she describes the human need to remember and memorialise those who have departed in novels like the Stone Carvers and The Underpainter, which won Canada's most prestigious literary prize, The Governor General's Award.

Presenter/Ian McMillan, Producer/Dymphna Flynn

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