The Truth About Cosmetic Treatments

Ep. 1/2 -

The cosmetic treatments industry is now worth nearly £3 billion - that’s double what it was a decade ago. Instead of potentially risky surgeries, like face lifts and liposuction, we’re turning to new non-invasive procedures like injectable fillers and fat freezing.

But the UK is one of the only countries in the world where this industry is almost completely unregulated. How do we know if these treatments work - and if they’re safe?

In this two-part series medical journalist Michael Mosley teams up with blogger and journalist Mehreen Baig to scrutinise the science and safety of cosmetic treatments - and put them to the test.

In this first episode it’s all about treatments for the face. Mehreen finds out what a surgery-free nose job involves - and if it really works. She also follows an experiment that pits three skin tightening treatments against each other: microneedling, CO2 laser and collagen supplements. And she meets a woman undergoing an experimental stem cell face lift.

Michael investigates the dangers of unregulated injectable fillers and discovers whether preventative Botox is safe and effective. He tests the latest anti-wrinkle technology on his own crow’s feet, and, in a unique psychology experiment, he asks whether cosmetic treatments like fillers and Botox really make us any more attractive.

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Pictured: Dr Michael Mosley with Dr Wassim Taktouk and Frank Rees

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DateTuesday, 25 August 2020
Time8:00 PM -
9:00 PM
UpdatesConfirmed for BBC One on 25 August at 8pm to 9pm