Everything: The Real Thing Story

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Simon Sheridan’s fascinating documentary Everything - The Real Thing Story charts the rise of Liverpool’s black music pioneers, who fought hardship and discrimination to become the biggest-selling black group in British pop history.

Actor Jacob Anderson (Game Of Thrones) narrates a tale stranger than any fiction - of lost innocence, fame, fortune and tragedy.

The national press dubbed them The Black Beatles, four working class boys from one of Liverpool’s toughest neighbourhoods who became Britain’s most enduring black soul and funk act ever.

With a string of hits, they dominated the international charts throughout the 1970s with iconic songs like You To Me Are Everything, Can’t Get By Without You, and Can You Feel the Force. But the group’s meteoric success was also tempered with personal tragedy, drug addiction and racial prejudice.

Featuring interviews with members of The Real Thing, David Essex OBE, Kim Wilde, Billy Ocean, Jeff Wayne, Denise Pearson, Trevor Nelson MBE, Paul Barber, Louis Emerick, Lee John, Angie Greaves, Janet Kay, Kevin Le Gendre and Greg Edwards, this film tells the incredible true story of Britain’s first black music revolution and of 1970s pop, painted against a backdrop of disco, politics and race, where four proud black boys took on the world and changed British music forever.

Everything: The Real Thing Story is directed by Simon Sheridan. The Executive Producer is Keith Evans. It was commissioned for BBC Four by Owen Courtney, Commissioning Executive, BBC Music and Cassian Harrison, Channel Editor, BBC Four.

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DateFriday, 7 August 2020
Time9:00 PM -
10:30 PM
UpdatesConfirmed for BBC Four on 7 August at 9pm to 10.30pm