Galdem Sugar

Ep 6/6

Thursday 4 July

From 10.00am


Episode Six: No Limits.

As a shout out to female empowerment, the ‘galdem’ collaborate to create an all-female music event. They perform as a collective for the first time, celebrating the support and friendship that has developed since starting the podcast.

However while Cassie and Pre Wavy can’t wait to perform at the event, C Cane finds a moment to confront Laughta about the upset from the first podcast. Will they be able to smooth things over before it’s time to take to the stage?

In this brand new constructed reality series for BBC Three, five up and coming female grime artists come together to produce a podcast. Across six parts, the series will follow the everyday lives of Laughta, Pre Wavy, C Cane, Madders Tiff and Cassie Rytz and the challenges of being a female artist in the male-dominated world of grime. The accompanying podcast will be released weekly on BBC Sounds, exploring the central theme of each episode in more depth.

Pictured: C Cane and Laughta