Kevin Pietersen: Beast Of Man

Friday 14 June



BBC Radio 5 Live conservation podcast Beast Of Man has been following ex-cricketer Kevin Pietersen’s campaign to help save the white rhino from poaching in his native South Africa.

This week he takes his argument right to the top, as he meets with Environment Secretary Michael Gove to lobby him to change the law on trophy imports in the UK, urging him to bring Great Britain in line with other countries who have already outlawed it.

Over the last eight episodes he has explored the brutal trade in rhino horn, taking 5 Live’s Sarah Brett with him to visit the upsetting scenes of dead rhinos who have been butchered for their horn. He has heard how the horn is prized in some nations for its supposed medicinal and aphrodisiac qualities, and he has also met with a trophy hunter who has explained his motives for hunting and killing some of the world’s most endangered species to Pietersen.

Pictured: Sarah Brett and Keven Pietersen