Ep 8/10

Friday 19 April



BBC Radio 5 Live’s latest true crime podcast continues to tell the story of a dream round the world trip which turned into a nightmare when a young couple from Manchester were murdered in Belize in 1978.

In episode 8, presenter Dan Maudsley travels to Belize with Chris Farmer’s sister, Penny, on a quest to locate Chris and Peta’s graves despite the FBI’s search being unsuccessful.

Penny also meets Vince Boston, one of Silas Boston’s sons whose account of having witnessed his father murder Chris and Peta is central to the entire case.

Dan, Penny and Vince follow Chris and Peta’s route by sea to the Guatemalan waters where they drowned. There is poignant conversation between Vince and Penny about whether families need to have a body in order to properly grieve.

Penny and Dan leave Vince in Belize and head to Guatemala in the hope, more than expectation, of finding her brother’s grave.

Paradise is the third podcast of its type made by BBC Radio 5 Live which has already scored big successes with its previous true crime series: the award winning Beyond Reasonable Doubt and End of Days (based on the story of the siege of Waco, Texas).

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