Jack The Ripper - The Case Reopened

Confirmed for BBC One on 4 April at 9pm to 10pm

Ep 1/1

Thursday 4 April



In 1888 the most infamous serial killer of all time, Jack The Ripper, began his reign of terror in the East End of London. Between August and November five horrifically violent murders took place in Whitechapel. There was a huge manhunt, but the Ripper was never caught.

Since then there has been endless speculation about who the Ripper was, what motivated his crimes, and how the killer escaped justice.

Leading the Cold Case investigation is star of BBC One top drama Silent Witness Emilia Fox, and Britain’s top criminologist Professor David Wilson. Together they look at the Ripper’s modus operandi using modern technology such as a digital autopsy table, and recreating the murder sites to help understand the extraordinary risks that the Ripper took to kill his victims.

Using the Home Office Large Major Enquiry System (HOLMES), a bespoke computer system used by the police to help detect patterns in criminal activity, and evidence uncovered within the investigation, results strongly indicate that Martha Tabram is in fact the first Ripper victim.

Convinced that Martha Tabram was the Ripper’s first victim, Emilia and David ask a geographical profiling expert to take a fresh look at the pattern of Ripper murder sites, which takes the investigation into a completely different direction identifying the most likely suspect.

The debate about Jack the Ripper’s true identity is already over 130 years old and is sure to continue - but this documentary casts new light onto the case and is as definitive as could be in naming the killer.

Pictured: Professor David Wilson and Emilia Fox