Ep 5/9

Monday 25 March



BBC Radio 5 Live’s latest true crime podcast continues. Paradise tells the story of a dream round the world trip which turned into a nightmare when a young couple from Manchester were murdered in Central America in 1978.

The only suspect, Silas Duane Boston, was not arrested for 38 years, despite his sons claiming they had witnessed their father kill Chris Farmer and Peta Frampton. Boston later died in custody before he could be brought to justice.

In this fifth episode of Paradise, after doubt is cast on the eyewitness accounts of the killing, 5 Live’s Dan Maudsley and Stephen Nolan begin to look more closely at the original investigation. They interview retired Greater Manchester Police Detective David Sacks who helped gather evidence in 1978 and 1979.

They also meet the detectives who reopened the case in 2015 and make a discovery that leads them to question the whole investigation.

Paradise is the third podcast of its type made by BBC Radio 5 Live which has already scored big successes with its previous true crime series: the award-winning Beyond Reasonable Doubt and End Of Days (based on the story of the siege of Waco, Texas).

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