Confirmed for BBC One on 4 March at 11pm to 11.25pm

Ep 1/4

Monday 4 March



Episode one: Quota.

To the astonishment of his recruitment agent Idris (Rob Madin) and carer Ruth (Sharon Rooney), Tim somehow manages to land a job at self-consciously cool greeting card company Anarchy Hamster, headed up by Shaun (Karl Theobald).

However, after assuming that he is only there to fill a quota, Tim takes full advantage of his ‘unsackable’ status - only to learn that he of all people should know better than to assume.

Jerk is a BBC Three series written by and starring Tim Renkow, and co-written by Stu Richards.

Available on BBC iPlayer as a four-episode box set

Pictured: Tim (Tim Renkow), Ruth (Sharon Rooney)