The Empty Housing Scandal

Ep 5

Monday 11 February



In The Empty Housing Scandal, a new series for BBC One daytime, Matt Allwright goes on a journey to seek out the UK’s empty homes, on a mission to help pair them with people who desperately need somewhere to live, and change their lives for the better.

In episode one, Matt investigates a property in South London that has been empty for over a decade. And in Liverpool, he meets the team bringing hundreds of derelict properties back to life, after decades of decline.

Episode two (Tuesday)
Matt heads to Merseyside to investigate an empty home trapped in a time warp. And he looks at whether a property abandoned a decade ago can provide a home for a young family in desperate need.

Episode three (Wednesday)
Matt travels to Kent to investigate the mystery of a vacant bungalow. And in Northumberland an empty post war prefab gets a new lease of life.

Episode four (Thursday)
In Northumberland, an empty home becomes a magnet for anti-social behaviour. Matt also travels to Margate to meet a property developer putting empty buildings back into circulation.

Episode five (Friday)
Matt investigates a property that has been lying empty for eight years, since the death of the owner. And in Derbyshire a historic derelict building is brought back to life, to provide much needed homes for the community.