The Arts Hour On Tour: Milan

Saturday 26 January



Presenter Nikki Bedi brings The Arts Hour on Tour to Milan. Always famed for design and fashion, the city is now leading the way in putting arts and culture back at the heart of Italian urban life.

Nikki will be joined on stage for an evening of lively conversation by the pick of Milan’s arts and cultural scene - the acclaimed fashion designer Angela Missoni, architect Stefano Boeri, the President of Milan’s Triennale, filmmaker Francesco Clerici, and cultural commentator Roberta Capozucca.

There will be live music from local favourites Selton, who’ll be bringing Brazilian sunshine to chilly Milan, and comedian Luca Cupani will be providing the laughs. Nikki and her guests will celebrate the contemporary cultural scene in Milan, a city often seen as the industrial and financial centre of Italy, and explore how artists honour its rich heritage while embracing the 21st century.

  • Produced by Nicola Holloway and Kirsten Locke for BBC World Service