Les Misérables

Ep 4/6

Sunday 20 January



1832. A teenage Cosette (Ellie Bamber, pictured) begins to question her closeted life and is desperate for a new start in Paris.

Marius Pontmercy (Josh O’Connor), now a young law student, confronts his grandfather Gillenormand (David Bradley) after learning the truth about his heroic late father and the ideals Pontmercy fought for under Napoleon. At Marius' new lodgings, a squalid tenement in Paris, his neighbours are a poor, violent and criminal family, whose eldest daughter Eponine (Erin Kellyman) takes a shine to him.

Whilst out walking, Cosette catches Marius’ eye and feels a new life for her may be just beginning. Valjean is disturbed to see his precious Cosette growing into a young woman.

Meanwhile, Javert (David Oyelowo) has climbed the ranks of the Paris police, and, after receiving some important information, realises he is close to his goal of recapturing an escaped prisoner.