The Victorian House Of Arts And Crafts

Confirmed for BBC Two on 18 January at 9pm to 10pm

Ep 2/4

Friday 18 January



In episode two the crafters are returning to nature when they not only restore the Master Bedroom to all its Arts and Crafts glory - but also take part in some fresh water swimming and an authentic Victorian picnic.

Using original tools and techniques they are set to craft from scratch an Arts and Crafts double bed and bed spread, a bedside clock and plaster wall decoration and all in just a week.

All the while eating, working and living within the philosophies first outlined by the likes of John Ruskin and William Morris. Will their 1890s communal life help them to better understand the depth and scale of the Arts and Crafts movement, both as a power for artistic and social change?

A week into the experience and the highs and lows of living and working together as a creative commune are beginning to take its toll - and the some of the crafters are beginning to crack as creative tensions start to show.

Pictured: Rod Hughes, Niamh Wimperis, Patch Rogers, Ilsa Braniff, Anita Rani, Keith Brymer Jones, Abdollah Nafisa, Bryony Knox, Stephen Winstanley