Two Doors Down

Confirmed for BBC Two on 7 January at 10pm to 10.30pm

Ep 1/6

Monday 7 January



Beth and Eric think their son Ian is taking them out for their 30th wedding anniversary dinner - but find instead that he and his boyfriend Gordon have organised a surprise party at their house. And the gang’s all there.

What more could you ask from a party? The buffet table is groaning with food, the champagne is flowing and Christine has brought a homemade trifle as a present.

There is a wander down memory lane, a look at the Bairds’ wedding album and an illuminating quiz.

Ian tries to keep the focus on the anniversary couple, but a drunken Cathy tries to prompt wedding proposals from reluctant boyfriends Ian and Alan; and treats Eric, Beth and the rest of the guests to a replay of her and Colin’s first wedding dance.

Beth Baird is played by Arabella Weir, and her husband Eric by Alex Norton, with Doon Mackichan as Cathy, Jonathan Watson as her husband Colin, with Elaine C Smith as neighbour Christine. Jamie Quinn plays the Bairds’ son Ian and Kieran Hodgson is Gordon. New neighbours Alan and Michelle are played by ‘Grado’ (Graeme Stevely) and Joy McAvoy.

Pictured: Beth (Arabella Weir), Eric (Alex Norton), Colin (Jonathan Watson)