Back In Time For School

Ep. 1/8 -

Back In Time for School takes 21st century school children on a time-travelling experience through seven iconic eras. From the 19th century right through to the 90s, the youngsters are put through their paces through each time and culture change.

The Victorians 1895-1914.

Starting in 1895, 15 pupils and three teachers are fast-forwarded through 100 years of education, as they explore what schools taught and the way they were taught it, reflecting the transformation in Britain far beyond the school gates. From a time when only 4 percent of children went to secondary school, these pupils form part of the lucky few, as they get to grips with their Victorian classroom.

Strict rules, formality and ceremony inform the Victorian school day, a world away from the pupils’ modern-day experiences.

The children and teachers explore scientific revolution, changing women’s roles, school dinners, punishments, housewifery for girls and 1904 Empire Day.

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DateThursday, 3 January 2019
Time8:00 PM -
9:00 PM