Watership Down

Confirmed for BBC One on 23 December at 7.20pm to 9pm

Ep 2/2

Sunday 23 December



BBC One’s star-studded, epic new adaptation of the much loved classic concludes with this second feature-length episode.

Part two.

When the future of Watership Down is threatened by the might of General Woundwort (Sir Ben Kingsley) and the Efrafan army, Hazel (James McAvoy), Fiver (Nicholas Hoult), Bigwig (John Boyega) Clover (Gemma Arterton), Strawberry (Olivia Colman) and their gang of fellow rabbits must use all their cunning to survive.

Watership Down also features the vocal talents of:

Tom Wilkinson as Threarah
Gemma Arterton as Clover
Peter Capaldi as Kehaar
Mackenzie Crook as Hawkbit
Anne-Marie Duff as Hyzenthlay
Taron Egerton as El-Ahrairah
Freddie Fox as Captain Holly
Daniel Kaluuya as Bluebell
Rory Kinnear as Cowslip
Craig Parkinson as Sergeant Sainfoin
Rosamund Pike as The Black Rabbit Of Inlé
Jason Watkins as Captain Orchis
Gemma Chan as Dewdrop

The series was produced and developed by 42 and Biscuit Entertainment.

Pictured: Woundwort readies his army for battle