Upstart Crow: A Crow Christmas Carol

Confirmed for BBC Two on Christmas Day at 8.35pm to 9.15pm

Ep 1/1

Tuesday 25 December



It’s a bleak midwinter in the Shakespeare household as the family comes to terms with a cruel loss.

But when a mysterious stranger (Kenneth Branagh) offers to share with Will (David Mitchell) a tale of redemption he becomes filled anew with love and light and hope.

Now Will has a mission - to save another soul from despair. He and his family and friends get together to save Greene (Mark Heap) from a mean and miserly life, and arrange for three midnight ghosts to visit him before Christmas.

Who is the stranger? Can Will and his family and friend’s efforts persuade Greene to change his ways and show some generosity to his servant Job Scratchit? (Karl Theobald) And at the end of it all could this tale of Yuletide redemption be another smash Shakespeare hit on the stage, or is its time not yet come?

In short, what the Dickens is going on?