The Young Offenders Christmas Special

Confirmed for BBC One on 23 December at 11.15pm to 11.45pm

Ep 1/1

Sunday 23 December



It's Christmas week and the residents of the estate where Conor, Jock and Mairead live have been fighting eviction from the council for over a month.

The residents have created a barricade to show that they won't be moved to make way for the estate to be renovated, afraid that they might not get back into their homes back if they're forced out.

While all this is happening, Mairead has been sick for weeks and has to be taken to hospital - causing major concern for the lads. Not knowing how to help, the lads ask Mairead if there's anything they can get her and set off on a chaotic adventure to try make her wish come true, which involves some accidental interaction with a local film crew - and a movie star.

But the lads are determined to do something for Mairead, and in the process find out something about themselves and the value of empathy.

Conor is played by Alex Murphy, Jock is played by Chris Walley and Mairead is played by Hilary Rose.