End Of Days

Sunday 23 December

Time to be confirmed

On 19 April 1993, a fireball engulfed a ranch outside the little known city of Waco, Texas.

Inside were more than 80 members of an apocalyptic cult, led by David Koresh, a man who thought he was the Messiah. His prophecy was Armageddon and, as the world watched on, he and almost every single one of his disciples died in the horrific fire.

Surprisingly, 30 of his cult members were from Britain and now, for the first time, their stories are being told. With unprecedented access to the survivors, families, friends, and police we track their journey to Waco, the final, tragic moments of those who died, and the lives of those left behind who still believe the Prophet will return.

  • End of Days is presented by Chris Warburton with investigative journalist and producer Ciaran Tracey.