The Little Drummer Girl

Ep 5/6

Sunday 25 November



Escorted by Helga (Katharina Schuttler), Charlie (Florence Pugh) travels to Lebanon, where she is delivered into the hands of Michel (Amir Khoury) and Khalil’s (Charif Ghattas) sister, Fatmeh.

Fatmeh (Lubna Azabal) tests Charlie’s conviction to revolution, and her love for Michel, before abandoning her at a militia training camp. Charlie is thrown together with other westerners who want to fight for the Palestinian cause.

Trading ideas for arms, Charlie goes through a gruelling test as she is trained in weapons and guerrilla tactics by the harsh and unknowable drill sergeant, Captain Tayeh (Adel Bencherif). She comes to blows with an American recruit, Halloran (Mark Stanley), who’s been driven to despair in the camp, unable to leave yet deemed unfit to fight. When Halloran starts to believe that Charlie is a spy, she is forced to decide whether to sacrifice him in order to save herself.

In London, Kurtz’s (Michael Shannon) team try to work out where Khalil’s next attack will take place. Kurtz is in a race against time with his superiors, who are pushing for military action against the Palestinian revolutionaries. Becker cracks the code of the cell’s communications and becomes convinced that Khalil intends to strike next on British soil.

As Charlie wins Fatmeh’s trust she is brought into the inner circle of their refugee camp. Charlie cannot help but feel deep sympathy towards their cause and the desperate struggle they face. When Charlie returns to England it appears she’s on a mission at Fatmeh’s command and Kurtz and Becker do not know if she is coming back as one of them - or if she has turned against them.

Pictured: Charlie (Florence Pugh) and Fatmeh (Lubna Azabal)