Last Chance Lawyer NYC

Confirmed for BBC Two on 7 October at 9pm to 9.45pm

Ep 1/4

Sunday 7 October



For criminal defence attorney Howard Greenberg, life is one long battle with the system. Loved by clients and feared by prosecutors, he’s the maverick of the New York courts.

Last Chance Lawyer NYC is a new four-part series that follows the exploits of Attorney at Law, Howard Greenberg, a man who practices criminal law like you’ve never seen before. From his office in Brooklyn, Howard wages “war” against the government. He believes the state is out to screw over its citizens, and that the power of advocacy, in his expert hands, can save his clients from this tyranny.

He’ll go to any length to preserve the liberty of the people he represents: from telling a client they “look like a f*&^ing criminal” to help convince them to take a plea deal, to dreaming up a fictitious courtroom diary clash to keep a defendant out of prison and changing his trousers in the street outside the Supreme Court, it’s all part of the style and strategy that goes with Howard’s mantra, “winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing”.

In the first episode we meet his clients: Wanda, an ex-cop facing a five-year sentence after a romantic night-out went dramatically awry, and Tony, an award-winning barber accused of inflicting an embarrassing and painful injury on a love rival in a fit of jealousy (or, as the prosecutor sees it, attempted murder).

Howard’s wife Marie, a ballsy, no-nonsense, former court reporter, is Howard’s greatest supporter and feistiest opponent. She casts a sceptical eye over his cases and trial strategy with unflinching honesty and shrewd opinion. Something else likely to set Marie off is Howards extensive toy collection, thousands and many in their original boxes, housed in the basement of their New Jersey home.