When Diane Met Ken

Saturday 11 August



Diane Morgan celebrates the life and work of Ken Campbell with Nina Conti, Terry Johnson, Neil Edmond and Daisy Campbell.

“I’m not mad, I’ve just read different books.”

So said Ken Campbell, the writer, director and actor renowned for many an epic production and theatrical caper. He devoured books and information, and was a seeker of new knowledge and experiences. His career flitted between writing, acting, ventriloquism and gastromancy, and from improvisation, to epic theatre productions, to one-man touring shows.

In this three-hour special, Diane celebrates the mad, creative, eclectic and innovative work of Ken Campbell. Using interviews with Ken from the BBC Archive and performances of drama, poetry and comedy from throughout his career, Diane takes a look back at Ken’s wide-ranging influence and influences.

Ken’s friends, family and colleagues, including the playwright Terry Johnson; the ventriloquist and comedian Nina Conti; the actor and comedian Neil Edmond; and Ken’s daughter, the actor, writer and director Daisy Campbell, all speak of the chaotic, important and life-changing role Ken played in their lives.

Producer: Laura Grimshaw
A BBC Studios Production for BBC Radio 4 Extra