The Quanderhorn Xperimentations

Ep. 1/6 -

England 1952. A time of peace, regeneration and hope. A Golden Age. Unfortunately, it’s been 1952 for the past 65 years.

Meet Professor Quanderhorn (James Fleet): a maverick scientific genius with absolutely no moral compass. He’s assisted by a rag-tag crew - his part insect son (Freddie Fox), reputedly a “major breakthrough in Artificial Stupidity”; a recovering amnesiac (Ryan Sampson); a brilliant scientist with a half-clockwork brain (Cassie Layton); a captured Martian hostage (Kevin Eldon) and a sinister factotum (John Sessions). He’ll save the world. Even if he has to destroy it in the process.

With his Dangerous Giant Space Laser, High Rise Farm, Utterly Untested Matter Transfuser Booth and Fleets of Monkey-driven Lorries, he's not afraid to push the boundaries of science to their very limit. And far, far beyond.

But his arch nemesis, Prime Minister Winston Churchill, has plans to put a stop to his infernal xperimentations once and for all.

It's an adventure beyond human understanding in Super-Vis-O-Sound.

Will our crew of brave boffins survive? Tune in next week - if there is such a thing - for the next thrilling installment.

Professor Quanderhorn- James Fleet
Brian Nylon- Ryan Sampson
Dr Gemini Jannussen- Cassie Layton
Guuuurk- Kevin Eldon
Troy Quanderhorn- Freddie Fox
Churchill and Jenkins- John Sessions
Synthetic Voice- Rachel Atkins

Producer: Gordon Kennedy
An Absolutely production for BBC Radio 4

Publicity contact: BS

DateMonday, 25 June 2018
Time11:30 AM -
12:00 PM